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30 Jun 2020

Givaudan extends global innovation partnerships to accelerate new solutions for plant proteins

Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrances company is expanding its global innovation ecosystem with new partnerships to drive innovative solutions for alternative protein products.
29 Jun 2020

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils #BeautyBoosters, a botanical beauty collection bringing smooth and glowing skin to consumers

Givaudan Active Beauty captures the essence of the Japanese Beauty (J-Beauty) ritual in a selection of eight botanical extracts, such as Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Lemon Balm, combining efficacy and inspiring sourcing to create a complete skincare routine.
6 Apr 2020

Givaudan Active Beauty explores new avenues with vegetal by launching K-phyto™ [SC] Camellia and K-phyto™ [PP] GHK

After one year of partnering with the South Korean beauty innovation company, BIO-FD&C Co., Ltd., the leading company in plant cell culture, Givaudan Active Beauty unveils two new active ingredients crafted by Green Biotechnology.
26 Feb 2020

Givaudan blurs lines between food and function at Expo West with expanded portfolio from Naturex

In everything from shopping carts and supplements to sports drinks and restaurant menus, today’s consumers are looking for plant-based foods and products that reflect their healthy lifestyles. Givaudan is showcasing its ability to answer these demands at this year’s Natural Products Expo West
20 Feb 2020

Givaudan Active Beauty launches ‘Skin Care Highlighter’

Inspired by the latest Asian beauty trends, Givaudan Active Beauty developed ‘Skin Care Highlighter’, a transforming gel dedicated for the cheekbones that can be added to your skincare routine.
13 Feb 2020

Bühler and Givaudan join forces in Singapore to open unique Innovation Center dedicated to plant-based food

The leading food technology provider and the global leader in flavors and fragrances, are bringing their global partnership to Asia to build an Innovation Center dedicated to plant-based food. The new facility is planned to open in Singapore later this year.
13 Jan 2020

Givaudan Active Beauty launches Sensory Crush targeting Generation Z consumers

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Sensory Crush, a collection of three naturally coloured face masks that meet the beauty expectations of Generation Z consumers.
5 Dec 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil, a new botanical extract collection rooted in Brazilian biodiversity

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil, a new collection stemming from Brazil natural treasures, further promoting clean and natural beauty products.
21 Nov 2019

Givaudan Fine Fragrances launches ‘MyBloom’ collection inspired by olfactive extimacy

Givaudan Fine Fragrances launches its new global creative vision ‘MyBloom’ addressing the consumers’ need for olfactive extimacy in fragrance creation by tapping into trends such as self-love, mindfulness and authenticity.
11 Nov 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Silkgel, the unique vegan biomimetic silk for hair care

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Silkgel, a unique vegan and sustainable biomimetic silk crafted by white biotechnology. The new hair care benefits of Silkgel will be announced during SCS Formulate in Coventry (UK) on 12 November.
4 Nov 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty reshapes the face of beauty for Generation Z with ‘My Blue Guard High Defence’

With 95% of natural origin ingredients, this day cream, powered by botanical extracts, will be introduced during in-cosmetics Asia.
11 Sep 2019

Givaudan launches unique flavouring approach to transform the taste of plant-based meat alternatives

Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company, has announced an entirely new approach to transform the taste experience of meat substitutes created from textured vegetable protein, a type of protein used extensively in plant-based meat alternatives.
10 Sep 2019

Givaudan Active Beauty will present Naturein™ Wheat Peptides during in-cosmetics Latin America

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Naturein™ Wheat Peptides, a clean and sustainable alternative to cationic guar, a key specific detangling ingredient for hair care. The new natural ingredient obtained from 100% French origin locally-sourced wheat and crafted by green fractionation will be introduced at in-cosmetics Latin America on 18 September.
27 Aug 2019

Givaudan shares industry-leading protein expertise at strategic conference in Singapore

Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company, has shared its leading alternative proteins expertise at a major industry roundtable event, backed by the Singapore government’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).
22 Jul 2019

Givaudan hosts global meeting of innovation consortium developing next generation meat alternatives

Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company hosted the global innovation consortium, Plant Meat Matters, on 11 and 12 July at its newly opened flagship Innovation Centre in Zurich.