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08 Nov 2022 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan launched the newly upgraded MoodScentz™+ which redefines our understanding of emotional experience while introducing a new neurobiology measurement capability and extensive data mining. 
27 Oct 2022 · 14:00 CEST | The new active ingredient Siliphos® outperforms the plant-based retinol alternative bakuchiol while offering benefits that challenge retinoid efficacy by reducing wrinkles without side effects.
19 Oct 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Scentaurus™ Melrose is a biodegradable molecule that delivers a long-lasting floral green effect with honey and linden blossom facets, and high-performance floral fresh rosy signals with powdery anisic undertones.
06 Oct 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan's white paper provides cutting-edge information on current, emerging and future technologies for manufacturers producing meat and fish alternatives.
30 Sep 2022 · 14:00 CEST | By combining research expertise and consumer understanding, Givaudan aims to expand its ability to serve the silver generation’s growing demand for wellbeing solutions.
27 Sep 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan is thrilled to share the very positive results of its responsible sourcing initiative in Egypt. The project involves training local jasmine farmers in safer and more environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. 
23 Sep 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan and LanzaTech NZ, Inc. (“LanzaTech”), an innovative Carbon Capture and Transformation (“CCT”) company have announced a collaboration for the development of sustainable fragrance ingredients from renewable carbon.
13 Sep 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty unveils the power and performance of New Purple 23641, a vegan pigment for use in make-up formulations.
06 Sep 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Bühler, Cargill and Givaudan have joined forces to help accelerate start-ups who are innovating in plant-based protein, to address the needs of a growing global population.
14 Jul 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Three leading global companies, Givaudan, Bühler, and Cargill, have formed a consortium in collaboration with the FoodTech HUB Latam and ITAL, Food Technology Institute, to build a food innovation centre in the city of Campinas, recognised as Brazil's tech powerhouse.
12 Jul 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Dedicated to lip care, Spherulite™ HA Ultimate demonstrates significant instant and long-term plumping benefits.  
04 Jul 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Olivier Gillotin, Vice President of Perfumery, is the recipient of the 2022 ASP Lifetime Achievement Award for his accomplished career and passion for the craft of perfumery. 
29 Jun 2022 · 14:00 CEST | BioNootkatone is a breakthrough ingredient that answers market demand for sustainable, natural, clean-label citrus flavour without the cost and supply volatility of traditional citrus extracts.
18 May 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan’s ground-breaking Customer Foresight futurescaping platform will leverage big data, artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Givaudan’s deep expertise to co-create food experiences with customers and meet the ever changing needs of consumers.
11 May 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan today introduced NaNino+™, a patent-pending synergistic combination of plant-based ingredients and natural flavourings that can be used as a nitrite replacement in processed meat.
02 May 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Centella CAST, the natural remodelling partner crafted by green fractionation from one of the most well-known medicinal plants, Centella Asiatica.
28 Apr 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan raises the bar on hygiene technologies with the launch of the SaniScent™ platform, the industries' most comprehensive technologies that reinforces hygiene to improve overall health and wellbeing.
30 Mar 2022 · 14:00 CEST | Cristalhyal™ e-Perfection, the triple-action ingredient, accesses the skin’s deep layers via electrical attraction to provide well-ageing benefits, long-lasting hydration and mattifying effects.
22 Mar 2022 · 13:00 CET | Patchoul’Up™ is a 100% upcycled active ingredient able to rebalance sebum production, eliminate dry flakes and normalise the scalp microbiome for overall wellbeing.
28 Feb 2022 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Neoporyl™, an active ingredient that reduces the size of enlarged pores by targeting the biological root causes of parakeratosis, an alteration of the epidermal structure, and dermis fragility.
22 Feb 2022 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan has launched PrimeLock+™, a natural, vegan-friendly integrated solution that mimics animal fat cells, enabling food companies to take plant-based product development and consumer satisfaction to a new level.
15 Feb 2022 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan proudly unveils its new brand identity ‘Human by nature’. The Company is changing the way it presents itself to better reflect the role it plays and the value it brings to its clients and the world at large.
A perspective from CEO Gilles Andrier on Givaudan’s new brand identity.
14 Feb 2022 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan and US-based company Fiberstar today announced that they have entered into an agreement allowing Givaudan to commercialise and use Fiberstar’s natural, plant-based texturising ingredient Citri-Fi®.
18 Nov 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan today reaffirmed its commitment to customers and partners in the Nordic region with the opening of the Givaudan Nordic Experience Centre in Malmö, Sweden. The new facility unlocks more opportunities for co-creation with Nordic customers, helping accelerate innovation and enhancing Givaudan’s ability to tailor food and beverages to local trends and preferences. 
09 Nov 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty is pushing the boundaries of biotechnology by presenting new specifications for BisaboLife®, the purest and sustainable (-)-α-bisabolol. Thanks to an optimised process, we now guarantee an ingredient with a level of purity at a minimum of 99%, the highest rate available in the industry today, outperforming synthetic and natural products.
05 Nov 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan is proud to be part of a specialised team involved in the making of Ma Madeleine™, a web application that works in tandem with a high-quality olfactory rehabilitation kit.
04 Nov 2021 · 13:00 CET | As more and more people believe that wellbeing is connected to the health of the skin, scientists and perfumers have created two innovative technologies, My Z-biome™ and Z-biome™ Deo.
03 Nov 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty strengthens its portfolio by launching [N.A.S.]™ Rosemary 01, a functional cosmetic ingredient that challenges butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) by outperforming its efficacy in a natural and organic way.
28 Sep 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Masknyl™, an active ingredient able to counteract redness, inflammation and hyperpigmentation due to mask-wearing.
21 Sep 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan is delighted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Givaudan Perfumery School, a legendary institution recognised for training some of the world’s most renowned perfumers over the years.
17 Sep 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan is taking its commitment to the next level by joining the Animal-Free Safety Assessment Collaboration. AFSA brings together corporations with non-profits such as Humane Society International (HSI), who share the vision of a non-animal approach to product safety assessment in order to better protect people and our planet.
15 Sep 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Sericoside, an active ingredient with the well-ageing power to offer skin a second youth by resetting its cellular memory.
15 Sep 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Three companies Givaudan, Bühler and Migros have formed a new entity, The Cultured Food Innovation Hub, in Kemptthal near Zurich, to accelerate the development and market penetration of cellular agriculture products.
27 Jul 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan is delighted to unveil two new innovative fragrance technologies, Phytogaia™ and Thalassogaia™, which are inspired by nature allowing perfumers to bring the natural benefits of forests and the ocean into perfumes.
12 Jul 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Zanthalene®, a scalable natural active ingredient crafted by green fractionation with botox-like efficacy and skin sensitivity modulation benefits.
09 Jul 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, the global leader in fragrance and beauty has strengthened its e-commerce offering in China through the opening of its flagship business-to-business (B2B) store on China’s leading wholesale website,
29 Jun 2021 · 14:00 CEST | The world’s first toxicology testing strategy without animal testing has been approved by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). It can be used to predict whether a substance causes allergic reactions in the skin.
11 May 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan launches ‘Touch Again’ to highlight the transformative power of scent in uplifting the human spirit through four themes, addressing the uncertainty, loneliness and lack of human touch that has resulted from the pandemic.
07 May 2021 · 14:00 CEST | By combining our perfumers’ understanding of bloom with an array of scientific analysis, Bloomful™ makes it easier to define and measure this fascinating concept, which can add an appealing new olfactive dimension to many consumer products.
28 Apr 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Newly published randomised crossover study in healthy adults compares the efficacy of five turmeric formulas at their recommended daily dose, with TurmiPure Gold® demonstrating bioequivalence at a low dose for the first time.
26 Apr 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, a global leading company in taste and wellbeing, and Bühler, global leader for food processing solutions, today jointly announced the official opening of the APAC Protein Innovation Centre.
06 Apr 2021 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty is proud to launch Mangixyl™, a powerful microbiome-friendly cosmetic ingredient with proven efficacy targeting oily skin through sebum regulation.
24 Mar 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing has announced the launch of the Aroma Kiosk, a ground-breaking new digital sensory insights tool, which is designed to connect with consumers in dynamic environments such as grocery and department stores, universities and shopping malls to gather valuable consumer insights and recommend products in real time.
17 Mar 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Chronoglow™, an active ingredient crafted by green fractionation and empowered by artificial intelligence (AI) able to mimic botanical epigenetic mechanisms for skin care benefits.
10 Mar 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing has announced it has strategically realigned its portfolio to better reflect how, through its expanded product offering and capabilities, it supports customers to deliver future facing food experiences that consumers value.
04 Mar 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing has partnered with leading market intelligence firm Bellomy to launch FlavorFinders™, a unique research-backed, patent pending segmentation tool that will evolve the way flavor strategy is built, for the North America market.
02 Mar 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty launches Omegablue®, a cosmetic ingredient created from upcycled wild bilberries used for advanced skin repair. A plant that grows in Central and Northern Europe, we’ve upcycled the seeds to craft a natural ingredient to revert skin dryness, irritation, and desquamation caused by lipid barrier damage.
18 Feb 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing has announced the launch of its unique Advanced Tools for Modelling (ATOM) which use state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to optimise food and flavour formulation and facilitate co-creation and collaboration with customers.
09 Feb 2021 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Nootropics, a collection of six natural and traceable extracts featuring guarana, ginger, green tea, gotu kola, ginkgo and green coffee, well-known among the industry and consumers for their impressive functions as food supplements and their cosmetic properties.
03 Dec 2020 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan has refreshed its future-forward FlavourVision® consumer trend programme. The Company examined the seven FlavourVision® trends through the lens of COVID-19 and identified six significant shifts that have the potential to shape a “new normal” in the long term.
19 Nov 2020 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan is thrilled to introduce MoodScentz®, a pioneering fragrance technologies platform guiding our perfumers and creative teams in crafting mood enhancing fragrances across all categories of perfume, to evoke positive emotions using the power of fragrance.
27 Oct 2020 · 13:00 CET | Created from ‘Himanthalia elongata’, a brown macro-alga naturally sourced in Brittany, France, B-Lightyl™ is a natural ingredient addressing hyperpigmentation disorders in a preventive and curative way.
16 Sep 2020 · 14:00 CEST | Research investigates the hottest trend in alternative proteins – plant-based fish products – and explores the opportunities and challenges for manufacturers today and for future market development.
15 Sep 2020 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty launches Neosalyl™, a 100% natural and pure salicylic acid for skin and scalp that is organic compared to its synthetic alternative.
08 Sep 2020 · 14:00 CEST | This powder offers a sustainable alternative to synthetic red pigments, while creating new possibilities to answer the growing trend for healthier and cleaner beauty.
30 Jun 2020 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrances company is expanding its global innovation ecosystem with new partnerships to drive innovative solutions for alternative protein products.
Givaudan Active Beauty captures the essence of the Japanese Beauty (J-Beauty) ritual in a selection of eight botanical extracts, such as Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Lemon Balm, combining efficacy and inspiring sourcing to create a complete skincare routine.
20 Feb 2020 · 13:00 CET | Inspired by the latest Asian beauty trends, Givaudan Active Beauty developed ‘Skin Care Highlighter’, a transforming gel dedicated for the cheekbones that can be added to your skincare routine.
13 Feb 2020 · 13:00 CET | The leading food technology provider and the global leader in flavors and fragrances, are bringing their global partnership to Asia to build an Innovation Center dedicated to plant-based food. The new facility is planned to open in Singapore later this year.
13 Jan 2020 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Sensory Crush, a collection of three naturally coloured face masks that meet the beauty expectations of Generation Z consumers.
05 Dec 2019 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty unveils RitualEssenz™ Brazil, a new collection stemming from Brazil natural treasures, further promoting clean and natural beauty products.
21 Nov 2019 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Fine Fragrances launches its new global creative vision ‘MyBloom’ addressing the consumers’ need for olfactive extimacy in fragrance creation by tapping into trends such as self-love, mindfulness and authenticity.
11 Nov 2019 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Silkgel, a unique vegan and sustainable biomimetic silk crafted by white biotechnology. The new hair care benefits of Silkgel will be announced during SCS Formulate in Coventry (UK) on 12 November.
04 Nov 2019 · 13:00 CET | With 95% of natural origin ingredients, this day cream, powered by botanical extracts, will be introduced during in-cosmetics Asia.
11 Sep 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company, has announced an entirely new approach to transform the taste experience of meat substitutes created from textured vegetable protein, a type of protein used extensively in plant-based meat alternatives.
10 Sep 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Naturein™ Wheat Peptides, a clean and sustainable alternative to cationic guar, a key specific detangling ingredient for hair care. The new natural ingredient obtained from 100% French origin locally-sourced wheat and crafted by green fractionation will be introduced at in-cosmetics Latin America on 18 September.
27 Aug 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company, has shared its leading alternative proteins expertise at a major industry roundtable event, backed by the Singapore government’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).
22 Jul 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company hosted the global innovation consortium, Plant Meat Matters, on 11 and 12 July at its newly opened flagship Innovation Centre in Zurich.
16 Jul 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, and Bühler, global leader for food processing solutions, have today announced a development partnership to accelerate market access for food start-ups in Switzerland.
26 Jun 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan has unveiled six new up-and-coming plant-based proteins that could likely be game-changers for the food industry, and in particular, nutritional beverages.
19 Jun 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Fragrances is thrilled to announce today the launch of its Zap solutions platform designed to address the negative impact of malodour for home, personal and fabric care. As the first fragrance house to offer malodour solutions specific to categories and applications, we design scents that can address very specific consumer challenges for each product category.
20 Jun 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan has unveiled a selection of masking solutions in combination with a new smart masking tool, offering flavourists fast access to high-performance solutions to combat off-notes across plant-based proteins. This effort has resulted in the largest, most comprehensive collection of data related to plant proteins and taste ingredients in the industry.
13 Jun 2019 · 14:00 CEST | The Givaudan Perfumery School announces an ambitious new vision combining our rich heritage and modern innovations to deliver a transformational education, training, and a one-of-a-kind learning experience for the perfumery students of tomorrow.
12 Jun 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty takes skin microbiome research to the next level by publishing new exclusive clinical data for Vetivyne™, the vetiver inspired skin youth booster, and Yogurtene® Balance, a unique yogurt powder and prebiotic combination, with both contributing to the beauty and well-being of consumers.
16 May 2019 · 14:00 CEST | As part of its 2020 strategy of collaborative innovation,Givaudan, the world’s leading flavour and fragrance company, announced today a partnership with StartLife, the leading food and agritech incubator in the Netherlands.
07 May 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty launches Spherulite™ R10, a groundbreaking solution to use retinol in a more stable and efficient way for skincare. Crafted with the Spherulite™ technology, Spherulite™ R10 demonstrates faster and superior anti-ageing clinical efficacy compared to free retinol.
12 Apr 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to announce that its three newest active ingredients, Agefinity™, Sensityl™ and Darkenyl™ have won five innovation prizes last week in Paris.
04 Apr 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Adaptogenes Botanicals Solution™, a collection made of ten botanical extracts including moringa, turmeric, aloe vera and acerola to chill the skin and the body.
01 Apr 2019 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Agefinity™, our latest revolutionary cosmetic active enhancing the Y-zone – the face and neck area – by using natural ingredients and pioneering biotechnology to energise and reshape skin cells.
18 Feb 2019 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan announced today its partnership with leading food technology incubator, The Kitchen, owned by Strauss Group.
05 Feb 2019 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan announces its commitment to co-found the ‘Future Food Initiative’, a Swiss-based public-private partnership aimed to expand sustainable food and nutrition research.
12 Dec 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan launches its new global creative programme ‘Delight’ dedicated to giving a heightened sense of pleasure to consumers in fragrance.
28 Jan 2019 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan launches Scentaurus™, a new family of sustainable fragrance precursors. Offering the broadest palette of fragrance precursors in the industry and reinventing the architecture of Fragrances.
12 Dec 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty moves forward in microbiome research while presenting new scientific results to highlight the impact of site and skin types to get a healthy skin microbiota.
14 Nov 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, has launched a new approach to sugar reduction that delivers fully satisfying, reduced-sugar products without added sweeteners.
13 Nov 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Vegetan® Evolve, the latest variation in the Vegetan® range.
01 Nov 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty holds its advanced expertise by winning the Award for the Spotlight-On Formulation Award with the S3D® Colour back concept product.
30 Oct 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Darkenyl™, a new revolutionary hair repigmenting active ingredient inspired from the latest stem cell research.
20 Sep 2018 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan announced that one of its latest anti-ageing active ingredient PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller, the dermal fillers challenger, has won the Gold Award for the ‘Best Innovation Ingredient Award’ at in-cosmetics Latin America 2018.
18 Sep 2018 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty has created ‘Fragrance on the move’, an innovative concept including four products merging cosmetics and fine fragrances to enhance beauty and to provide inspiration, delight and astonishment.
28 Aug 2018 · 14:00 CEST | Inspired by the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, Givaudan Active Beauty took their digital strategy one step further by creating EVE, a new disruptive application for New Product Development (NPD).
07 Jun 2018 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty offers a select few customised fine fragrances that similarly protect the skin microflora
14 May 2018 · 14:00 CEST | New clinical tests demonstrate hair care benefits in rinse off products with the sustainable biotech (-)-α-bisabolol
24 Apr 2018 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents Sensoria, a novel sensory concept unifying fine fragrance and cosmetics to delight consumers.
16 Apr 2018 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty has developed PrimalHyal™ Ultrafiller, a new topical hyaluronic acid (HA) acting like an aesthetic filler by penetrating deeply into the skin and filling wrinkles, while stimulating the skin’s anti-pollution defences.
04 Mar 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty announced that PrimalHyal™ Gold, the first oil soluble hyaluronic acid dedicated to make-up, has won the global Beauty Industry Award as being the Best Color Cosmetics Ingredient.
09 Jan 2017 · 13:00 CET | Featuring PrimalHyal™ Gold, coming from fully sustainable white biotechnology, S3D® Fascination is a deep and long lasting hydrating formula that will beautify your lips instantly.
09 Jan 2017 · 13:00 CET | By combining their metagenomic pioneering capability and their exclusive skills in bio-guided plant fractionation, Active Beauty skin experts have been able to develop the first active cosmetic ingredient dedicated to accelerate the entire skin regeneration process.
13 Feb 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan launches its new global creative programme ‘Delight’ where perfumers worked in close collaboration with flavourists to incorporate new technical and creative approaches to their creations and thereby bring more reality and more instinctive pleasure to their fragrance accords.
05 Feb 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, today announced new developments enhancing its industry-leading trends programme, FlavourVision®, coinciding with its 10th anniversary.
08 Jan 2018 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty's marine biotechnology R&D experts have discovered new benefits of Megassane® to act as a natural skin highlighter and embellish skin complexion.
21 Nov 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to announce its DHA range of products was fully approved as vegan, meaning products are GMO free, not tested on animals, and do not contain any animal products or derivatives.
02 Nov 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty continues to impress the industry experts with its latest innovative active ingredient Revivyl™, the very first holistic skin renewal accelerator while winning a new Gold Award for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award in Bangkok.
30 Oct 2017 · 13:00 CET | Drawing from natural resources to bring beauty to the world, Givaudan Active Beauty presents today its latest sustainable molecule called BisaboLife™, produced by an exclusive fermentation process.
05 Apr 2017 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty presents a world premiere concept called [Yu] (patent-pending), an innovative fine fragrance featuring our latest active ingredient Revivyl™ , a holistic skin renewal accelerator, enabling to express and protect your uniqueness.
29 Mar 2017 · 14:00 CEST | Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to be selected as a finalist for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics London for its latest innovative active Revivyl™, the holistic skin renewal accelerator.
21 Mar 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty is releasing its new “Immersive Beauty Experience” application combining virtual reality and motion sensing technologies.
21 Mar 2017 · 13:00 CET | Since 25 years, Givaudan Active Beauty’s experts have been improving their unique visual cues Unispheres® and Unishapes technologies, always offering new application possibilities. These 3D shapes and beads, specifically made for the personal care industry, are optimised to entrap active ingredients or oils, while enhancing the visual appeal of cosmetic products on the shelves.
13 Mar 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty is very pleased to announce that Brightenyl™ for Best Skin Care Ingredient and PrimalHyal™ Gold for Best Color Cosmetics Ingredient have been selected as a global finalists for the Asia Pacific and European region respectively.
04 Mar 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to present its Under Control Spray to beautify, protect and moisturise every strand of hair, while maintaining its natural volume from the roots to the tips.
04 Mar 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty has blended this consumers’ need with some inspiration from the luxury codes of Champagne to create its new marketing concept: S3D® Millésime.
09 Jan 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty is launching now a new patented bio-active ingredient acting on keratin infrastructure called ResistHyal™ that will revolutionise the hair care market.
09 Jan 2017 · 13:00 CET | Givaudan Active Beauty extends its hyaluronic acid range with the launching of a new active cosmetic ingredient called PrimalHyal™ Gold.