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Our 2025 strategy

Committed to Growth, with Purpose

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“We aim for continued ambitious financial targets, delivering growth with our customers, while striving towards achieving our longer-term purpose ambitions in the areas of creations, nature, people and communities.”
Gilles Andrier, Chief Executive Officer

Gilles Andrier, Chief Executive Committee

Our 2025 strategy, derived from our purpose of ‘creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature’ is our five-year roadmap for how we will deliver sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders.

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At the core of our business is our relationship with our customers. Providing them with creative, innovative and sustainable solutions that are loved by consumers is what motivates us every day. 

Brings together our core business and enhanced value proposition from the 16 acquisitions successfully integrated since 2014. We will continue to further expand beyond the current portfolio of flavours and fragrances, naturals and delivery systems into nutrition, food ingredients and beauty.

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          Expand the PORTFOLIO

Responding to the growth forecast in global consumption. Over the next five years, we intend to maximise mature market opportunities whilst at the same time extend our high growth market leadership, particularly in China.

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    Focussed MARKET strategies

To a rapidly changing and more fragmented customer landscape. The trend for smaller and local brands will drive growth in the local and regional customer segment, while there will be continued potential with larger international and global customers. 

         Extend CUSTOMER reach

We create inspiring solutions for happier, healthier lives

Innovation remains a critical factor in creating better and more sustainable solutions. We aim to expand and deepen strategic relationships with suppliers, start-ups and partners; enhancing collaboration and co-creation with customers to develop innovative solutions for the future.

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We create inspiring solutions
for happier, healthier lives

We show our love for nature through impactful actions

Our love for nature will be demonstrated with a particular focus on climate and water preservation. Environmental sustainability will be further embedded in the product portfolio and alternative solutions found to preserve precious natural resources. Sourcing for good will be strengthened through our leading responsible sourcing and traceability programme.

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We show our love for nature
through impactful actions

We nurture a place where we all love to be and grow

The employee focus over the next five years is to ensure that Givaudan is a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired. Before the end of 2025, the Company aims to be rated among the leading employers for inclusion globally. 

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We nurture a place where we
all love to be and grow

We bring benefits to all communities that work with us

Working in partnership with our suppliers, we will further embed responsible sourcing to source all materials and services in a way that protects people and the environment. We will also empower our employees to develop sustainable, scalable solutions together with communities to contribute to happier, healthier lives.

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We bring benefits to all
communities that work with us

We aim to deliver the highest standards across our value chain, from operational and financial performance to the delivery of a superior customer experience. Innovation is the lifeblood of the Company’s activities, creating differentiating solutions that address its customers’ challenges and leading the way in spaces such as biotechnology and digitalisation.

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Excellence, Innovation & Simplicity - in everything we do

4-5% growth  |  purpose linked targets  |  > 12% free cash flow



Extract of speech given in August 2020

CEO Gilles Andrier
CFO Tom Hallam
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