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  • Designing the next generation of personal care products
  • Capturing feelings through fragrance
Designing the next generation of personal care products

Our network of perfumers, fragrance evaluators, marketing and technical experts is deployed around the world, from Switzerland to Singapore. Their mission? To develop exquisitely scented personal care products that enhance each moment of the day.

Designing the next generation of personal care products

Imagine sandalwood-scented shower gel that transforms your morning routine into a mini spa experience. Imagine a bergamot-infused bath soak that plunges you into a blissful moment of calm and luxury after a long day.

The best personal care products forge a special relationship with consumers, delivering pleasure and reassurance as well as functional benefits. They clean and protect, but also inspire confidence and encapsulate different moods. With its unique power to evoke different emotions, fragrance plays a vital role in successful self-care solutions.

Capturing feelings through fragrance

Capturing feelings through fragrance

We help our customers to create personal hygiene products that people love to use, from invigorating shampoos to relaxing bath bubbles, from sensual soaps to deodorants that stay fresh all day. Our highly experienced perfumers combine detailed consumer insights with cutting-edge technology to design products with the feel-good freshness consumers are looking for.

Engineered to stand out

Our consumer research revolves around trends and regional preferences. We are constantly exploring the relationship that people have with scent, and how this varies around the globe. We go the extra mile to develop products with extra benefits, from deodorants activated by movement, to shower gels bursting with citrusy energy.

To ensure that these functional benefits are delivered at precisely the right moment, we study the way a fragrance fills a room, and whether it can still be noticed on skin and hair when dry. These are the details that set brands apart.

With an ever-expanding knowledge base, and a never-ending supply of creative inspiration, we help our customers to brighten up consumers’ days with one-of-a-kind products.