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From recent graduates to senior professionals, everyone at Givaudan benefits from a variety of learning and development programmes.

Our commitment to offering equal opportunities and to actively fostering diversity and an inclusive environment is at the heart of how we develop our employees. We offer a range of on the job and off the job training programmes, networking opportunities, mentoring programmes, and a host of tools to support employee skill development and personal growth. We also have a very successful talent management programme and a suite of leadership development programmes for those aspiring to take on people management and leadership development roles. 

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Nurturing people and skills
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Nurturing people

Through a culture of continuous learning, curiosity and discussion, a yearly performance cycle and customised management training programmes, there is every opportunity for employees to grow with us.

We give employees ownership of their own careers, and want them to take an active part in their own advancement. Nonetheless, they are not alone: managers and HR partners are there to support our people on this journey.

Along with our unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP) ‘Every essence of you enriches our world’ we continue to leverage our unique EVP as our promise to future and current employees. We communicate our ideas, values and vision to attract diverse people, consistently, across the world.

In 2023, we revamped our employee referral programme, #Connections, a simple process where we invite all employees to tap into their network of connections and put forward recommended candidates from their circle of contacts.

Nurturing current and future skills 

We prioritise continuous learning, foster career growth, and offer specialised programmes at functional and divisional levels. All initiatives are designed to accelerate the career paths of our workforce, and this process begins from the moment our team members join, giving them a solid foundation for success.

New ways of thinking and learning
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New ways of thinking and learning

Our internal career development programmes offer challenging and inspiring learning environments where employees are encouraged to explore and experience new ways of thinking and working.
Some of these include:

Leadership Senses Curriculum

A five-step programme designed to build leadership skills at every stage of an individual's career journey. This nurtures and develops talent within the Company.

Leader #Connect Programme

Supports our Better Balance initiative by providing employees with opportunities to connect and be mentored by senior leaders. This helps to build connections, strengthen internal networks and supports accelerated development, confidence, and growth opportunities.

LinkedIn Learning

Designed to maximise reach in all regions and offer learning opportunities to employees. By December 2023, there were 3,537 users who had completed 3,275 courses.

Divisional and local initiatives

We run specific mentoring and trainee programmes tailored to different divisions, including flavourists, operations, and management trainees. Taste & Wellbeing features a sales academy, while Fragrance & Beauty hosts the renowned Givaudan Perfumery School.

Career development tools

Employees can explore various tools aimed at promoting career development at Givaudan.

Reward and recognition
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Reward and recognition

We want an inclusive organisation with engaged employees, which is why we review salaries with regards to cost of living and the rate of inflation. This is why we offer equal pay for work of equal value, and why we protect labour rights and respect people’s freedom to join trade unions.

After seeking and obtaining equal pay certification for all sites in Switzerland in 2021, we have since added eight more country certifications – in Spain, Mexico, Singapore, Argentina, France, Hungary, the Netherlands and the USA – meaning we now cover 62% of our employee population. We are continuing our country-level analysis globally and seek to certify equal pay through the external body Comp-ON AG. 

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