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Benefitting a variety of learning

From recent graduates to senior professionals, everyone at Givaudan benefits from a variety of learning and development programmes throughout their entire career.

From the moment employees join us, they immerse themselves in all aspects of the business, spending time with mentors and subject-matter experts. We offer training, networking opportunities and tools to help our people develop their skills and grow. The path to leadership is open to all motivated, talented and qualified people, and we are committed to equal opportunity and actively foster diversity and an inclusive environment.


Nurturing people

Nurturing people

People love to work with us!¹ 90% of our employees are grown from inside the business. This is advantageous not only for personal job satisfaction and security, but also for customers and for our business growth, as developing talent strengthens staff retention and increases revenue.

Through a culture of continuous learning, curiosity and discussion, a yearly performance cycle and customised management training programmes, there is every opportunity for employees to grow with us.


  1. 87 % of our people are proud to work at Givaudan. 79 % recommend us as an employer of choice. Source: Givaudan Engagement survey 2019.
Reward and recognition

Reward and recognition

We want an inclusive organisation with engaged employees, which is why we review salaries with regard to cost of living and rate of inflation, why we offer equal pay for work of equal value, and why we protect labour rights and respect people’s freedom to join trade unions.


Discover more

Discover more

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