Meet Anastasia

Production Supervisor Taste & Wellbeing

"I joined Givaudan more than 6 years ago, after my studies in chemical engineering. Since I joined, I have had the chance to hold different positions within Givaudan and explore different career paths within our Taste & Wellbeing business. I'm curious, so I love learning the steps involved in creating and producing food solutions for our customers."

Anastasia, Production Supervisor

Tell us about your career within Givaudan

“When I first joined, I worked as a specialist in quality management and industrialisation. It's a long title, but essentially, I ensured the quality of our creations and recipes in the large-scale production process. The transition from the creation stage to production often requires some adjustments in recipes, so I acted as a liaison between the creation and production teams.

I then became a senior quality lab analyst. My focus there was to ensure the quality of delivery. Every day, we conducted analytical and sensory tests to ensure the quality of the raw materials we used, and the solution delivered by our creation teams and production operations. 
Today, I am a production supervisor. I ensure the production line runs smoothly, from the compounding, mixing, and packing steps. I make sure, along with the operators I work with, that the process is applied thoroughly. Any error in the process might create waste and impact our ability to deliver to our customer on time.” 

What have you learnt in this role?

"This role has broadened my horizons because I work and interact with colleagues from different departments, learning the production process and new technologies available. It involves a lot of teamwork to overcome challenges but knowing our products have such a positive impact on the life of people around the world is satisfying... and motivating!"

What would be some key success factors in your role?

"To drive projects successfully, I have to communicate clearly and effectively with many colleagues in different professions: machine operators, the Quality team, process technologists, and material managers. Engaging with many different roles and driving them to common objectives has been very rewarding. In the process, I've had the chance to work on my communication skills, adapt my messages based on my colleagues' needs, and encourage more dialogue. And lastly, this was not easy at first, but this role has taught me to speak up and express my concerns or thoughts when needed. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone, but I'm so glad I took the challenge!”

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