Your journey towards us

Your journey towards us
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5 things to know before submitting your application

1. Do you accept spontaneous applications?

We do NOT accept any spontaneous applications via email or paper. The best thing to do is to create yourself a profile in our job portal. That way Givaudan recruiters can access it and potentially contact you if they see a match with a future opportunity.

2. How can my CV stand out?

Keep your CV concise and highlight relevant skills and experiences for the role, e.g. matching job requirements. Same language as the job.

3. What happens after I send my application?

Once we receive your application, the following process will be applied:

Your recruitment journey

*     and potentially online assessment in addition depending on job function and/or job level
**   or digital interview
*** optional step depending on job function and/or job level

4. How can I best prepare for an interview?

You can make some research about us via our website, check our news on social media, and practice summarising why you are the best candidate for the role. Define your motivations.

5. It didn’t work out this time around, what can I do?

If your application was not successful, we recommend that you subscribe to our job alert system via your candidate profile through our job portal. Here you can find a quick guide on how to do so. That way you will be notified as soon as another matching opportunity arises. Also by following us on social media you will be notified on our news and opportunities.

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