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From cleaning products to air care, our home care experts constantly push the boundaries of innovation to capture the smell of fresh and inviting. We understand what consumers around the world need, and that is the driving force behind every solution we create.

Helping people all over the world to care for their homes

At Givaudan, we understand the powerful connection between fragrances and wellbeing in the home. The right scent can make any space feel clean and welcoming – from an air freshener that transports us to a tranquil pine forest, to a surface cleaner with a reassuringly zesty aroma, or a furniture polish that evokes sun-kissed fields of lavender.

A fresh and inviting atmosphere
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A fresh and inviting atmosphere

We specialise in developing products that fill rooms with a pleasant scent, making household cleaning lighter and homes more inviting. By working closely with our science and technology experts, our perfumers are able to create innovative solutions that target malodour and deliver long-lasting freshness.

What does ‘clean’ smell like?

Our consumer understanding programmes help us to identify global trends and preferences, as well as subtle nuances between different regions. Floral and citrus families are popular in China, for example, while pine, lavender oil and marine scents are preferred in Mexican homes. Being aware of these differences can have a major impact on the success of a product.

Innovation meets imagination

We are passionate about finding new and improved ways to help people keep their homes smelling clean. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, then we combine these insights with our creative and innovative expertise to design home care products that consumers love.

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