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Givaudan unveils new approach to sugar reduction and satisfaction

14 Nov 2018 · 08:39 CET

Delivering fully satisfying taste in less sweet products

Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, has launched a new approach to sugar reduction that delivers fully satisfying, reduced-sugar products without added sweeteners. The approach combines the use of a new proprietary sensory language, novel ingredients, and deep understanding of sweetness and satisfaction to deliver up to 50% reduction in sugar while maintaining consumer preference.

The new approach was developed in response to the global drive towards sugar reduction, prompted by ongoing health concerns around obesity and diabetes, and growing consumer interest in lighter, more refreshing and less sweet taste experiences. However, formulating less sweet products that have the same appeal as fully sweet ones is a challenge that requires more than simply subtracting sugar.

Givaudan worked with forward-thinking chefs to find new ways of delivering a less sweet but fully satisfying taste. Using inspiration from the dishes developed by the Michelin-starred chefs, the Givaudan team looked for what was delivering satisfaction beyond sweetness; from there they were able to identify non-typical natural ingredients and food techniques that created more complex, full bodied or impactful tastes, flavours so good, that the reduced sweetness wasn’t missed.

To understand and quantify the full sweetness experience, a new, proprietary, sensory-profiling methodology – the Holistic Language – was developed. This profiling technique allows Givaudan to deeply understand the consumer experience and translate this knowledge into real world solutions.
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Media resources Givaudan’s Chef’s Council Sugar Reduction

We’ve taken a culinary approach and the creative insight of Michelin-starred chefs to make fully satisfying natural products with less sugar. Using inspiration from the dishes developed by these chefs we identified non-typical ingredients and food techniques that help create more complex, full bodied or impactful tastes. 

At an event in Amsterdam we recently showcased our approach, findings, and developments from the initial brief to tasting delicious products with 50% less sugar and no added sweeteners.
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Givaudan's Chef's Council Sugar Reduction event in Amsterdam, 2018


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