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An inclusive, diverse company

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Our targets
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At Givaudan we believe that inclusion is synonymous with innovation and that a diverse workforce creates closer connections with our employees, customers and partners.

We are a global company which is proud to operate in myriad different societies and cultures. Our workforce should reflect that, hence our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our targets

We have set ambitious objectives so we can accelerate our journey of being more balanced and inclusive.

  • Before 2025 we wish to be rated among the most inclusive employers, globally.
  • We aim that before 2030, 50% of our senior leaders will be women and are currently at 27%.
  • We are also working to ensure that before 2030, 50% of leaders are from high growth markets, and we are currently at 27%, achieved in 2022. 

Find out more in our 2022 Sustainability Report

As a leading employer in the industry, with a global staff of more than 16,670, including more than 90 nationalities: we reflect the societies and cultures in which we operate by providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds, gender and location.

Employees by gender 2021 2022
Total number of full time employees ¹ 16,842 16,676
Total headcount ² 14,128 15,119
Total number of employees (headcount) ² 14,128 15,119
- Women 5,579 6,031
- Men 8,549 9,088
New employee hires ² 2,332 1,883
- Women 878 762
- Men 1,454 1,121
Turnover rate ² 10% 12%
- Women 10% 12%
- Men 10% 12%

  1. Number of full time employees refers to equivalent full time employees in all Givaudan entities and the 19 acquisitions since 2014.

  2. Headcount is defined as the number of physical people and includes internal temporary and regular employees in all Givaudan entities and acquisitions except: DDW, Custom Essence, Ungerer.


We believe that diversity and inclusivity add strength and balance to our workforce and we look to contribute to full and engaged employment and decent work for all. Part of our commitment to decent work is our insistence on fair compensation, labour rights and good labour/management.

Having a diverse workforce that reflects the societies in which we operate, with multiple perspectives, backgrounds and points of view, improves business decisions because of the breadth and depth of experience brought to the table. 

Diversity and inclusivity are then critical to our business and help us manage our complex operating environment and serve our customers in the best possible way. In 2022, 27% of women are in senior leadership positions.

Senior leaders (including the Executive Committee) by gender 2020 a 2021 2022
Women 45 51 57
- in percentage 26% b 26% 27%
Men 134 148 151
- in percentage 75% 74% 73%
Total 179 199 208
Total employees 12,807 14,128 16,676

  1. Baseline

  2. The baseline was established in 2020 and retroactively changed in Q2 2021 to include our perfumers and flavourists and as a result the baseline was adjusted from 25 to 26%.

Find out more in our 2022 Sustainability Report

Better Balance
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Better Balance

We closely monitor the balance of our workforce (in particular gender and nationality) and we track progress, including the percentage of women in leadership positions and the percentage of high growth market nationalities in senior positions. We also lead internal dialogue sessions around inclusion, called 'Better Balance'. These sessions look at how we can evolve our leadership mix to better reflect consumer and market demographics, while embracing diversity in all its forms. The sessions provide an opportunity for senior leaders to connect with colleagues and enhance their understanding of our Better Balance approach.

Our Principles of Conduct state that we only recruit, employ and promote people on the basis of the qualifications and abilities needed; neither race, age, gender, disability, background, national origin or any other irrelevant category come into it. Our Diversity Position Statement outlines our commitment to ensuring a representative workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate. We are committed to providing and contributing to a working environment that is based on mutual respect and is free from harassment.

Human rights
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Human rights

We respect human rights, and we take responsibility for our actions and act with empathy and humility everywhere we operate. We care about the impact of our decisions, large and small, on those around us. This includes impacts on human rights and preventing harm to anyone associated with our business.

Read more about human rights   Download our Human Rights Policy

We strive to make a positive impact on the communities in which we are present. We are opposed to all forms of forced labour and exploitation of children. We do not provide employment to children before they have completed their compulsory education and we expect the same of our suppliers. 

Read more about responsible sourcing

To these ends we fully support and adhere to the following principles:

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