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At Givaudan we believe that inclusion is synonymous with innovation. We know that a diverse workforce creates closer connections with our employees, customers and partners.

We are a global company proud to operate in myriad different societies and cultures around the world. Our workforce should reflect this broad reach, hence our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusivity lie at the heart of our business ethos. They enable us to navigate our complex operating environment and better serve our customers.

As a company operating in diverse markets globally, our ability to embrace inclusivity enhances our understanding of consumer needs, preferences and global nuances. Encouraging the diverse perspectives of our workforce fuels our innovation and creativity, enabling us to create products that resonate with a wide range of consumers, from global luxury markets to everyday essentials.

Our creations in taste, wellbeing, fragrance, and beauty have touched billions, spreading joy and wellbeing worldwide. These creations are often inspired by our customers, who produce a wide array of products, from global to local, luxury to everyday. By engaging a diverse set of employees, we gain profound insights into consumer needs and can leverage a variety of ideas to serve the world’s tastes, preferences and cultures.

This is why our ambition to become a leading company for inclusion is grounded not only in the well-documented benefits to employees but also in the advantages it brings to customers, consumers, communities, and ultimately, to Givaudan’s future success.

Surveying employee needs
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Surveying employee needs

To monitor how we are doing on inclusion and engagement, we conduct regular employee surveys. These attest to a strong feeling of belonging and inclusivity: 80% of our employees took part in our 2023 employee engagement survey and results show a deep pride in Givaudan and solid team relationships, as well as some areas that we need to improve on.

Our 2023 employee engagement survey also measured employees’ perception of inclusion. The result, of 74%, provides insights into our organisation’s inclusivity and serves as a baseline for improvement. 

Ambitious inclusion targets
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Ambitious inclusion targets

As a leading employer in the industry, with more than 16,000 employees, including more than 90 nationalities, we reflect the societies and cultures in which we operate by providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds, gender, age and location.

We have been examining our HR processes, particularly talent management, and scrutinising equity and support for underrepresented employees in senior management. We continue to mentor and coach our talent, with a particular focus on younger employees and women.

Internal mobility for professional growth
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Internal mobility for professional growth

Our Leaders Connect mentoring initiative connects a diverse group of 40 young mentees and 20 of our most senior leaders. The aim is to build early relationships with our diverse talents across the world and provide younger talent with a chance to build connections and strengthen internal networks. This accelerates career confidence and development opportunities.

Our targets
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Our targets

We have set ambitious purpose objectives to accelerate our journey towards balance and inclusion:

  • By 2025, our aim is to be rated among the most inclusive employers, globally
  • By 2030, we target a 50% representation of women among our senior leaders, increasing from the current 27%
  • We also aspire to have 50% of our senior leaders from high-growth markets.

Find out more in our 2023 Integrated Report on economic and ESG performance

Employees by gender
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Employees by gender20222023
Total number of full time employees 216,67616,263
Total headcount 115,11914,740
Total number of employees (headcount) 115,11914,740
- Women60315,943
- Men9,0888,797
New employee hires 11,8831,530
- Women762649
- Men1,121881
Turnover rate 112%13%
- Women12%12%
- Men12%13%
  1. These are based on headcount, defined as the number of physical people, including internal temporary and regular employees in all Givaudan entities and acquisitions except DDW, Custom Essence, Ungerer, Expressions Parfumées, Fragrance Oils, Albert Vielle, Vika and Alderys.

  2. Includes all Givaudan entities and the 19 acquisitions since 2014.


Senior leaders (including the Executive Committee) by gender20222023
- in percentage27%28%
- in percentage73%72%
Total employees16,67614,740


Employees by 
employment type
Asia Pacific1,5891,9681201,6011,968
Europe, Africa, Middle East2,5293,926159472,6883,973
Latin America7681,231207701,231
North America8801,624418841,625
Total 20235,7668,749177485,9438,797
Total 20225,7088,999323896,0319,088


New hires by 
age group, gender 
and region
Age rangeGender 
< 3030-50> 50WomanMenTotal
Asia Pacific11418111145161306
Europe, Africa, Middle East25137351295380675
Latin America1081525101164265
North America11814323108176284
Total 2023591849906498811,530
Total 20227181,0571087621,1211,883

Our Principles of Conduct state that we only recruit, employ and promote people on the basis of the qualifications and abilities needed

Our Diversity Position Statement outlines our commitment to ensuring a representative workforce that reflects the communities in which we operate. We are committed to providing and contributing to a working environment that is based on mutual respect and is free from harassment.

Fair compensation and decent work
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Fair compensation and decent work

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion enrich our workforce and propel our business forward. We are committed to contributing to full and engaged employment, ensuring decent work for all.

Our dedication to decent work encompasses fair compensation, labour rights, and positive labour-management relationships. A diverse workforce, reflective of the societies in which we operate, is paramount. It brings together multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and points of view, ultimately enhancing the quality of our decision-making processes.

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