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Our business model

Creating value at Givaudan

We focus on showing how our financial and non-financial capital is transformed through our strategy to create value for our stakeholders.

For a look into the capital inputs and the output for 2017,
> Please visit our 2017 online annual report


Our value chain
Focusing on consumers

We aim to deliver innovative, sustainable and high quality products to our customers, creating value through superior customer experience.

Our 2020 ambition of ‘Responsible growth. Shared success.’ is a common goal that is about creating and sharing success with our customers. For us, success depends on how we best place our customers at the centre of our strategy, our execution and our day-to-day activities. We seek to be recognised by our customers for the way we truly engage with them across all touch points in our value chain. We know the importance of being able to customise to the needs of our global, international, regional and local customers.

Our value chain