Givaudan Active Beauty reveals new benefits for Megassane®, as a skin tone highlighter through proteasome activation

08 Jan 2018 · 07:17 CET

“At the heart of our desires for beauty, radiance is the magic word of the decade.” Unknown author

In the 1990s, the launch of new make-up lines has revolutionised the Beauty Industry by focusing on ‘skin illumination’ and no more on ‘skin coverage’, initiating the new trend of a radiant complexion.

Since then, a bright skin and fresh complexion became the sign of a healthy mind and body, pushing the consumers to have an ultra-luminous and heavenly radiant skin.

This trend is still among consumers' top request: ‘glossing’ or ‘highlighting’ are today the newest beauty crazes to illuminate the skin in a natural way by creating natural light effects on the face. 

Micro algae ‘Phaeodactylum tricornutum’

Givaudan Active Beauty's marine biotechnology R&D experts have discovered new benefits of Megassane® to act as a natural skin highlighter and embellish skin complexion. They demonstrated that the specific lipids composition from the brown micro algae ‘Phaeodactylum tricornutum’ has a very high capability to stimulate the skin proteasome in both a preventive and curative effect under a serious UV exposure. 

This regulation acts at the epigenetic level (regulation of a specific miRNA) and genetic level (action on proteasome regulators).

As a consequence, the enzymatic activities of the proteasome are restored, inducing a direct detoxification of cells and skin to reverse dull skin appearance.

At the clinical level, Megassane® has been tested on smoking volunteers with a very dull and grey skin. After 56 days of treatment, a +200% improvement of their skin tone has been observed: their skin shows more vivid colour and a brilliant complexion. Megassane® acts as a natural highlighter by removing skin dullness, giving natural results equivalent to make-up and providing a healthier look.

Anne Humeau, Marine Biotechnology Manager, said: “Megassane® is a very precious marine extract, containing a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids essential to the health of our skin. By acting directly on the proteasome, Megassane® is the first active ingredient derived from microalgae that can detoxify our skin and give it back light and radiance. It is a real step forward in skin care based on Nobel prize awarded researches on proteasome, and we are honoured to bring such great added value to our customers.”

During Cosmetagora 2018 in Paris, Givaudan Active Beauty will reveal a new skincare concept highlighting the benefits of Megassane®. Come and join us on booth 65 to learn more on Megassane® and uncover our DIY Radiance Mask.

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