Nutri TasteSolutions® Fat: a mouthful of mouthfeel without the guilt

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Most people think that great-tasting food is only about flavour. In fact, ‘mouthfeel’ – the sensation of a food or beverage in the mouth – is every bit as important as taste when it comes to genuinely savouring a sumptuous dish.

Givaudan’s Nutri TasteSolutions® Fat and TasteSolutions® Mouthfeel programmes can provide a rich and rounded taste sensation on the tongue, while also addressing health and wellness issues by reducing fat and calorie levels.

The mighty morsel

Defined as ‘the way an item of food or drink feels in the mouth, as distinct from its taste’, mouthfeel presents food and beverage producers with a challenge.

Satisfying mouthfeel often comes from high levels of fat content. That’s why products rich in fats, like cheese and chocolate, taste so indulgently delicious.

However, fat sits alongside sugar and salt as one of the three main pillars for public health concern. Governments worldwide are encouraging or even legislating for lower fat consumption, and consumers increasingly want full-on flavour with fewer calories.

A balancing act
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A balancing act

Givaudan’s customers are looking for the perfect balance. To demonstrate healthier credentials by developing reduced-fat food and beverages and delight with delicious products that retain the full-fat version’s taste.

It’s a tough ask. Enjoyable mouthfeel, taste and aroma are crucial for consumer pleasure and market success. But the reformulation of lower-fat products is complex. The potential impact of removing fat on structure and flavour can be dramatic. The right technology and expertise is required to succeed in making healthy foods taste better.

The sum of its parts

For Givaudan, mouthfeel is more than just structure. It’s also about the sensation of taste - its texture, body and creaminess. That’s where Nutri TasteSolutions® Fat can help. The programme combines taste and flavour technologies together. Through customer collaboration we can reinstate mouthfeel in lower fat and reduced-calorie products. Using our unique sensory know-how, we can optimise every flavour profile. Our team of flavourists and application specialists can find the right solution for you.

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All the feels
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All the feels

Whether it’s the creamy sensation of a vanilla ice cream or the rounded taste of a mature cheddar cheese snack, Nutri TasteSolutions® Fat successfully matches nutritional health with eating experience.

Providing balanced food formulas, Nutri TasteSolutions® Fat ultimately enhances consumer perception of delight, joy and satisfaction, without the associated fat and calorie levels.

With Givaudan’s help, a healthy product can still be an indulgent one.

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