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Givaudan launches Zap, its unique platform for malodour solutions specific to categories and applications

Offering a broad spectrum of solutions liberating people from the negative impact of malodour and live their life fully

18 Jun 2019 · 11:08 CEST

Givaudan Fragrances is thrilled to announce today the launch of its Zap solutions platform designed to address the negative impact of malodour for home, personal and fabric care. As the first fragrance house to offer malodour solutions specific to categories and applications, we design scents that can address very specific consumer challenges for each product category.

Developed in our Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence in Ashford (UK), the Zap solutions aim at reducing malodour while boosting freshness to enhance the wellbeing of people around the world. Zap capitalises on the largest catalogue of malodour technologies in the industry, several of them being patented. It provides focused solutions to counteract malodour through a greater understanding of the synergistic combination of Givaudan’s malodour technologies. The performance of Zap is then measured accurately through sensory capability and the impact on the well-being of people through our neuroscience understanding. 

The Zap portfolio is repositioning our portfolio of unique solutions with a targeted approach for each key category focusing on answering specific consumer challenges:

  • YouZap™: malodour solutions for personal care with a special focus on deodorant with DeoZap™, bringing freshness and confidence for people to be at their best all day long.
  • FabZap™: malodour solutions for fabric care. It makes people feel uplifted with clean and fresh cloth and be confident throughout the day.
  • HomeZap™: malodour solution for Home care. It makes people enjoy their time with family and friends in a welcoming home.

“At our Health and Wellbeing centre of excellence, we are permanently scouting for new moments of malodours in consumers daily lives, across all categories and around the world. Once identified, we work closely with our perfumery teams to develop, evaluate and validate new malodour models to develop unique technologies to fight those new malodours, either through creative fragrance design rules, or drop-in technologies for fragrances.”

Simon Ellwood, Head of Fragrance Health and Wellbeing Centre


“At Givaudan, with over 30 years of experience we are able to leverage fragrance creation to influence people’s well-being, their self-confidence, or their moods and emotions; it is very motivating to see that our Zap solutions platform can impact so positively people’s life.”

Jeremy Compton, Head of Science and Technology Fragrances

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