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Our structures and processes for the direction and control of the Company allow for a continued focus on value creation for all our stakeholders and the environment.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the ultimate direction, strategic supervision and control of Givaudan and its management. Each Board member has extensive leadership experience and in-depth knowledge of relevant areas of expertise for Givaudan and contributes to the Board’s competencies at the level of the full Board and in the Board’s four committees: Audit, Compensation, Nomination & Governance, and Innovation.

The Executive Committee, led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is responsible for all areas of operational management that the Board has delegated to it. The CEO is appointed by the Board and has the task of achieving the strategic objectives of the Company and determining operational priorities. The CEO also leads, supervises and coordinates the EC, which meets monthly to discuss Company business, strategy and sustainability.

Our Board of Directors ensures the Company operates according to Swiss and international business standards and practices.

Robust standards, policies and management systems provide a framework for addressing risks and opportunities through operations and allow us to measure our performance against our targets and meet our commitments to stakeholders. Risks including those related to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability issues are assessed as part of the Company’s Enterprise Risk Management process.

Our corporate governance in numbers
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Our corporate governance in numbers*

Our governance in numbers
* Updated as of the AGM in March 2024
Our governance structure
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Our governance structure


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Board of Directors

Responsible for the ultimate direction, strategic supervision and control of the management of the Company,

including reviewing the overall progress on ESG targets and direction of the Company purpose.


Four committees: Audit | Compensation | Nomination and Governance | Innovation
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Executive Committee

Led by the CEO. Responsible for all areas of operational management that the board has delegated to it including decisions 
on the direction and commitments related to our sustainability and purpose ambitions.


7 members: CEO | CFO | President Taste & Wellbeing | President Fragrance & Beauty
Head of Global Human Resources and EHS | Head of Global Procurement and Sustainability | Head of Givaudan Business Solutions




Sustainability Leadership Team

Led by the Global Head of Sustainability, it meets twice

a month for a regular progress review and to jointly discuss

direction and progress in key purpose/sustainability topics.

Divisions and functions

Integrates business and sustainability goals and commitments into

strategic plans and embed them into daily business.


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Business and functions
  • Constant engagement with employees of the business and functions

Management tools
  • Ambitions

  • Policies/Principles of Conduct

  • Risk management/precautionary principle

  • Corporate governance

  • External assessments

  • Constant engagement with internal and external stakeholders

  • Directing our business efforts towards to broader needs of our relevant stakeholder groups

Partners and advisors
  • Partnering with experts and external bodies for collaboration on key matters such as purpose, sustainability, innovation and more

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