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How to win

Supporting our 2025 strategic growth drivers, we have four growth enablers. These are aligned to our purpose goals – creations, nature, people and communities – and are how we will deliver value creation for our customers to win in the marketplace. 

Excellence, Innovation & Simplicity
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We create inspiring products for happier, healthier lives

Customer and consumer preferred solutions
We will focus our creations on renewable, biodegradable and viable natural solutions, especially in the area of health and wellbeing
Digital enabled innovation
Smart creation and selection will multiply our range of possibilities Through digital consumer platforms we will connect to consumers to identify trends and preferences
Continued focus on innovating eco-systems and partnerships
We will expand and deepen strategic partnerships with innovative suppliers, customers and other external partners

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We show our love for nature through impactful actions

Creating for a more sustainable world
We will evolve our value proposition and fuel success by anticipating our customers’ sustainability needs and offering a sustainable product portfolio
Sourcing for good
We will strengthen our responsible sourcing and traceability programme as well as drive supplier engagement on environmental actions
Reducing environmental footprints
We will continue successful initiatives and develop further leading actions in climate, water and forests preservation

We will work to replace single-use plastics with eco-friendly alternatives

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We nurture a place where we all love to be and grow

Everyone feels welcome, valued and inspired
Through being a leading employer for diversity and inclusion we will better understand the fragmented needs in our operating areas and provide holistic solutions

We will provide differentiated employment options and benefits as well as ensure transparent rewards and recognition
Caring for health and wellbeing
We will care for our people through promoting employee programmes

Excelling our safety culture will make our workplace safe - everyday, everywhere
Building the leadership and expertise of all our people
We will accelerate new leadership essentials, anticipate and innovate to attract the workforce of tomorrow as well as ensure the skills and competencies for now and for the future

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We bring benefits to all communities that work with us

Doing business with our suppliers in a responsible way
Together with our suppliers we will further embed responsible sourcing by fostering high standards in health, safety, social, environmental and business integrity to source all materials and services in a way that protects people and the environment
Leveraging Givaudan business as a force for good
We will empower our employees to create connected communities and develop sustainable, scalable solutions together to contribute to happier, healthier lives

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We aim to deliver the highest standards across our value chain, from operational and financial performance to the delivery of a superior customer experience. Innovation is the lifeblood of the Company’s activities, creating differentiating solutions that address its customers’ challenges and leading the way in spaces such as biotechnology and digitalisation.

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