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‘Does Good’ Food Experiences

With our industry-leading portfolio of natural solutions, we deliver great tasting food experiences that ‘do good’ for body and mind

We provide solutions that enhance the nutritional value of food and support healthy living, bringing more of the natural wellbeing benefits that consumers want.

Our solutions
Solutions for reducing undesirable ingredients and adding health supporting nutrients to create products that drive consumer preference.
Innovative bioactive ingredients that deliver the intuitive and clinically proven health benefits consumers want.

Consumers expect their foods and beverages to be both nutritious and delicious.

From reduced-sugar chocolate bars to functional foods and nutritional beverages packed with vitamins and minerals, we help our customers to create mouth-watering products with the benefits consumers are looking for, either by reducing sugar, salt and fat, or adding vitamins, minerals and fibres.

We can also develop tasty, authentic flavours for meat substitutes and plant-based foods, from plant-based fish and seafood to plant-based dairy. 

Our approach is rooted in innovation and co-creation, and we are constantly exploring current and future trends to help brands stay one step ahead.


Our capabilities
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Salt reduction solutions
Restoring the Salt Curve without compromising taste or quality, while still reducing salt and making products healthier.
Sugar reduction solutions
Sugar reduction solutions
Allowing less or no sugar on the label for a better nutritional value, without compromising the taste.
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Fat reduction solutions
Providing a rich and rounded taste sensation on the tongue, while also addressing health and wellness issues by reducing fat and calorie levels.
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Nutri Essentials
Consumers are increasingly seeking out powerhouse food and beverage products with highly specific benefits.

For consumers around the world, health has taken centre stage.

Givaudan’s bioactive botanical ingredients are a great choice for formulating products that contribute to overall health and wellness. 

Our Health Essentials and Wellness Essentials include a wide selection of natural solutions that meet many of today’s most common health needs, including immune system support, healthy ageing and cognitive performance. 

We offer many of our natural ingredients in multiple delivery formats for both intuitive and clinically proven benefits in everyday food and beverage products as well as nutraceuticals.


Our capabilities
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Health Essentials
Our Health Essentials bioactive and clinically proven botanical ingredients are supported by proven claims to deliver specific health benefits.
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Wellness Essentials
Our Wellness Essentials botanical ingredients and infusions are rooted in traditional uses that offer an authentic-tasting wellness experience.