Givaudan introduces MoodScentz®, a trio of mood enhancing fragrance technologies

Another step in the journey of creating fragrances that evoke positive moods
19 Nov 2020 · 13:00 CET

Givaudan is thrilled to introduce MoodScentz®, a pioneering fragrance technologies platform guiding our perfumers and creative teams in crafting mood enhancing fragrances across all categories of perfume, to evoke positive emotions using the power of fragrance.

Through years of extensive research it’s been possible to go beyond the basic aromatherapy approach by developing fragrance design guidelines to create perfumes with scientifically proven mood enhancing benefits. MoodScentz® was developed, with the initial aim to explore the potential of fragrances in increasing emotional wellbeing. Since then, it has significantly evolved under Givaudan’s Scentz platform as the latest neuroscience techniques allowed us to better understand the underlying mechanisms that take place in our brain in the presence of odours.

MoodScentz® patented technologies blend psychological and neuroscientific measurement techniques with perfumery expertise for fragrances that offer the consumer real emotional benefits. It is a set of fragrance creation guidelines based on combinations of ingredients with mood benefits to design fragrances with a focus on three moods:

  • Relaxing – Brings peace of mind and serenity
  • Invigorating – Makes consumer feel uplifted and energised
  • Happy –  Makes consumer feel positive and delighted

Using state of the art multi-dimensional statistical techniques, Givaudan scientists have translated the connection between scents and sentiments. Mood research at Givaudan’s Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence in Ashford, UK, has proved that a scent can bring a positive state of mind creating a positive mood that can bring substantial wellbeing benefits. To further measure the consumers’ response to different fragrances, our researchers have developed and used Mood Portraits® to uncover deeper links between fragrance and emotion through images. This innovative technique involves asking volunteers to select the visuals that represent emotions evoked by a fragrance, avoiding the use of words - eliciting a more spontaneous and discriminatory response.

Jeremy Compton, Global Head of Science and Technology Fragrances, said: “Now, more than ever, it is vital for us to discover our own ways to happiness, relaxation or to energise. We are delighted to introduce our innovative technology MoodScentz®. Over the years, it has been enhancing the way fragrances are created to deliver real emotional benefits to consumers. Aligned to our Company’s purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature, MoodScentz® fragrances are helping our consumers boost their positive feelings and helping overcome negative mood states – our personal emotions are so important in these unprecedented times.”

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