Fine fragrances

We combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to craft scents that consumers love

Givaudan has been crafting fine fragrances for over 250 years. Today, we continue to build on this rich heritage, working hand-in-hand with our diverse customers to translate their vision into iconic scents that consumers love.

Making life smell beautiful is our passion

We blend creative expertise with the latest technology to craft fragrances that encapsulate our customers’ vision and spark delight. We are never afraid to explore new directions, and always aim to inspire our customers with exciting new solutions that encapsulate and build on the latest trends.

Science meets art

Blending technical skill and creativity with a broad palette of ingredients, our teams are able to develop either the next signature fragrance to complement our customers’ existing range, or a game-changing scent that helps take their brand to the next level. Our laboratories in Paris, the perfume capital of the world and the epicentre of the fragrance industry, are a thriving hub of innovation.

In-depth consumer insights

As part of our creative process, we carry out detailed consumer research in every corner of the globe. This helps our perfumers to understand what people love and to provide a moment of pleasure with each scent they create.

We are constantly on the look-out for emerging trends or new areas to explore, tirelessly innovating and often drawing inspiration from our many artistic and cultural partnerships. Shaped by this pioneering approach, our fragrances touch emotions, evoke precious memories and connect people all over the world.

Our fine fragrance perfumers are experts in translating customer briefs into luxury fragrances that capture the essence of brands and strike an emotional chord with consumers. 

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