Executive Committee

Under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Executive Committee (EC) manages areas of operational management of the Company that are not specifically reserved to the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee
F.l.t.r. back row Willem Mutsaerts, Tom Hallam and Simon Halle-Smith;
front row Gilles Andrier (CEO), Anne Tayac, Louie D'Amico and Maurizio Volpi


The EC is responsible for developing the Company’s strategic as well as long-term business and financial plans. Key areas of responsibility also include the management and supervision of all areas of the business development on an operational basis, and approving investment decisions.

Meet the members of the Executive Committee

Dedicated to the development of Givaudan’s long-term strategic, business and financial plans, each Executive Committee member capitalises on an average of 20 years’ experience in the Company to bring a wealth of industry knowledge to their monthly meetings. The members are appointed by the Board of Directors on recommendation of the CEO after evaluation by the Nomination Committee.

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