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Through dedicated innovation platforms, we push the boundaries of science and creativity to deliver tastier and more sustainable food experiences.

Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing is working on the forefront of innovation to explore new areas for ingredient development, such as biotechnology, which can meet the growing demand for responsibly sourced ingredients and sustainable alternatives for meat and dairy. Our teams of microbiologists, biochemists, biotech engineers and food scientists deliver a variety of customised biotechnology solutions. Many of our projects involve rebuilding taste and aroma profiles through natural fermentation to create more reliable, more sustainable ingredients.

Biotechnology and BioNootkatone
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Biotechnology and BioNootkatone

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We developed our BioNootkatone clean label citrus flavour in partnership with leading natural product biomanufacturer Manus Bio. This breakthrough ingredient is produced using a unique natural fermentation process, without using any citrus ingredients. It’s not only more sustainable and cost-effective than other nootkatones on the market; it also offers a superior taste profile with signature woody and peely notes.

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The Cultured Hub
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Cellular agriculture: The Cultured Hub

Cellular agriculture is a rapidly evolving area with the potential to revolutionise the way meat is produced. Using animal cells as a starting point, technologies such as fermentation can now be used to cultivate meat products. The result is meat that is identical in structure and taste to its animal counterpart with reduced environmental impact and no mass farming or slaughter. It holds the potential to meet the growing consumer demand for healthful foods that are ethical and sustainable.

Givaudan has teamed up with Bühler and Migros to launch The Cultured Hub in Kemptthal near Zurich. The idea is to help startups speed their development and scale up of cellular agriculture products such as cultured meat, cultured fish and seafood, and precision fermentation products.

The Cultured Hub is scheduled to open in early 2024.

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Accelerating the ecosystem for innovation
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Accelerating the ecosystem for innovation

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Our array of innovation platforms continues to grow, as part of our journey to ‘create for happier, healthier lives with love for nature’ by imagining new ways to transform our food systems and craft the future of food through innovation.