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Active Beauty

Fusing science and nature for powerful performance

Our cutting-edge technologies draw on science and nature to create high-performing molecules and functional agents, including customised carrier systems. 


Our innovative technologies

Our six technology pillars blend expertise in natural molecules with breakthroughs in skin understanding. This is how we’re changing the face of the beauty business.


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As creators of beautiful fragrances and cosmetics, we often look to the natural world for inspiration. We draw upon the extraordinary benefits and properties of plants, microorganisms and vegetable sources, translating these with the latest sustainable biotechnologies into highly functional, high-performance products.

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Introducing RetiLife™:

the world’s first all-natural retinol

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B-Biome™ Score:

insights into microbiome-optimised ingredients

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Mangixyl™: a sustainable

and inclusive cosmetic innovation

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protecting skin from digital stress


Givaudan broadens botanical beauty portfolio


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