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Our ‘A Sense of Tomorrow’ approach to shaping a sustainable future for flavours and fragrances

Givaudan is dedicated to exploring new frontiers of sensory experience. What could be more natural than working for the broader benefit of people and the planet? Our sustainability approach covers all aspects of Givaudan’s business, as we partner internally and externally to meet needs today and define what’s next.

The Givaudan Foundation 

The Givaudan Foundation is a non-profit organisation created by Givaudan in 2013 as a result of the Company’s desire to reinforce its commitment towards the communities in which it operates. Its purpose is to initiate and support projects as well as to grant donations in areas defined by our mission. 

Our mission is to make a difference within the communities where Givaudan sources and operates, we focus our efforts on education, health and environment preservation. Our actions are nurtured by the know-how and volunteering of Givaudan people.

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