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Givaudan Flavour Ingredients (GFI) leverages decades of experience in ingredients to assist flavour companies in their product formulation.


As a part of Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing, GFI carries a rich heritage of over 250 years in taste. Our global team of sales, flavourists, technical experts, customer service, and marketing representatives combine their knowledge and expertise in ingredients, including essential oils, extracts, flavourings, and functional ingredients. GFI is committed to serving flavour houses worldwide and supporting your flavour creation needs with flexibility and agility.

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Quality ingredients for global satisfaction

Suitable for formulation across the globe, our extensive portfolio of ingredient and flavouring solutions deliver great taste, sensory performance, and authentic wellness experiences.

Backed by Givaudan’s industry-leading commitment to regulatory compliance and global ethical standards, you can trust in the sourcing, ethics, and quality of every ingredient we offer.

Our portfolio
Kefir lime
Citrus ingredients
True-to-fruit citrus ingredients and taste solutions.
Red delicious apples
High intensity ingredients
Natural and synthetic impactive aroma molecules and biotech ingredients.
Ice cream
Kitchen ingredients
Sweet to savoury natural, kitchen-recognisable ingredients.
Sense preservation
Natural and effective preservation solutions that deliver quality shelf life.
Purple rudbeckia
Wellness & Nutri Essentials
Traditional botanical extracts, infusions, and desirable nutrients.
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