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Our expanding market presence brings us closer to our local and regional customers and gives us greater capability to serve these customers through a global workforce that is dedicated to establishing and maintaining true partnerships.

With an emphasis on bringing knowledge to our customers, we are always by your side, bringing insights and expertise to create scents and tastes that delight consumers’ ever-shifting desires.

We have 163 locations worldwide, with 78 production sites. Over 16,260 employees work in close partnership with our customers, locally, regionally and globally.


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Figures updated as of 31 December 2023


Please visit our locations page for a full list of Givaudan sites

Our sales
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High growth markets

Asia Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe, already account for 46% of our annual sales and this is expected to continue increasing year on year. Market growth is expected to be much higher due to urbanisation, changes in lifestyle and the increase in consumers’ disposable income. We have a dedicated presence with creation and production facilities in all key regions to fully capture this potential.

Mature markets

Representing 54% of our annual sales, mature markets such as North America, Western Europe and Japan are expected to experience slower growth than developing markets yet still offer potential for growth in areas such as the increased demand for health and wellness products.


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