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From traditional local recipes to breakthrough concepts, Givaudan helps customers bring kitchen authenticity to consumer products.

Imagine being able to capture the enticing aroma of an original recipe or restaurant meal and offer it to consumers around the world. Givaudan understands how to translate delicious recipes into the products and food experiences consumers love.

Our extensive culinary knowledge relies on the expertise of chefs, food scientists and flavourists, all part of our global network of kitchens. From insights to innovation, we also offer a set of programmes that allow our customers to travel the world and imagine tomorrow’s culinary innovations. These capabilities along with a comprehensive portfolio of culinary solutions allow us to creatively co-create winning recipes that scale. Whether you’re a food manufacturer or foodservice company, we’ll help you deliver your culinary experience just as you intended.

Our solutions

Chef cooking
Culinary capabilities
Bring freshness, richness, meatiness and umami from your gold standard recipes to your consumer products.
Street food
Culinary Notes
Original recipe cooking cues and techniques translated into easy-to-use solutions for retail and foodservice.
Superior flavour and taste solutions to create food experiences that consumers love.
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Complete natural colour, preservation and texture solutions for multi-sensory food experiences.
The very best from nature to meet consumer demand for friendly labels.
Our chefs, kitchens and culinary programmes  
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Our chefs, kitchens and culinary programmes  

Located around the world, our kitchen facilities are home to culinary experts. Our passionate chefs and application experts are deeply devoted to facilitating creative, innovative and effective co-creation sessions with our customers.

Givaudan’s Chef’s Council
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Givaudan’s Chef’s Council

Givaudan’s Chef’s Council is a culinary event that  includes some of the world’s most respected and renowned chefs. Working together with our internal chefs, the Chef’s Council is a melting pot for culinary passion that unfailingly leads to surprising advances. It serves the entire industry by moving beyond current thinking to stay one step ahead of specific food and drink challenges.

Learn more about Givaudan’s Chef’s Council

Culinary discovery treks
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Culinary discovery treks

Our culinary treks and taste treks allow customers to visit the world’s kitchens, discover new ingredients and gain deep insights into local cooking trends and traditions.

TrendTrek is Givaudan’s cross-category trend exploration programme, exploring market and category trends in key influencer cities in each region and translating the unlocked trends into insights and new culinary experiences for our customers.

These treks keep us at the forefront of food and beverage market developments.

Learn more about Givaudan’s discovery treks

Culinary capabilities
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Culinary capabilities, infinite possibilities

Translate the delightful nuances of your gold-standard recipes to the store shelf. Our culinary experts work hand-in-hand with customers to solve their development challenges. Bring your creations to the mass consumer market and deliver freshness, richness, meatiness and umami to your consumer products.

Explore our capabilities

Culinary innovation
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Culinary innovation 

Designing cooking cues with Culinary Notes

Pouring hot sauce in bowl with food

Beginning in childhood, we develop a sense of belonging through our family rituals, the aromas in our homes and the foods we eat. These stay with us for life, and get enriched with every new memorable food experience. It is these experiences that have inspired our Culinary Notes programme.

Designed to truly replicate cooking processes and techniques from chefs and homemade recipes, Culinary Notes combines:

  • Chef expertise, including inspiration from street food
  • New ingredients and innovation from renowned chefs 
  • Pioneering technologies, including the creation of reaction flavours using both less water and less energy
  • A unique savoury portfolio that simplifies production while increasing taste impact

Explore Culinary Notes