Introducing Ma Madeleine™, an olfactory kit guided by a web application to help repair the sense of smell

A new platform will help people who have had their sense of smell affected because of COVID-19 or other illnesses

05 Nov 2021 · 10:00 CET

Givaudan is proud to be part of a specialised team involved in the making of Ma Madeleine™, a web application that works in tandem with a high-quality olfactory rehabilitation kit. The technology specifically targets central aspects of persistent olfactory loss due to COVID-19, but it also helps restore the sense of smell for people recovering from other illnesses affecting their ability to smell. 

Ma Madeleine™ was created in partnership with a team of researchers and academics from the Université Côte d'Azur, medical professionals from the Nice University Hospital (CHUN), product designers from onepoint, alongside our perfumery experts and digital specialists. Supported by the Givaudan Foundation, Ma Madeleine™ consists of a high-quality reusable olfactory kit that is guided by a web application and supervised by a speech pathologist. Together, each institution offered specialised expertise to bring this innovation to life and to start helping people eager to repair their sense of smell after an illness.

“The Foundation’s involvement in this project is wholly in line with our mission and with Givaudan’s Purpose of creating for healthier and happier lives. We’re thrilled to partner with renowned institutions and with Givaudan volunteers, who are offering their guidance and expertise in the area of olfaction to better the lives of those who have been affected by various illnesses.”  

Laetitia Vuillemenot, Givaudan Foundation Lead

Dr Clair Vandersteen, ENT surgeon at the Nice University Hospital, said: “This is a wonderful example of a multidisciplinary collaboration resulting in scientifically innovative ways to help people who have had their sense of smell affected because of an illness. In particular, Ma Madeleine™ gives hope to people who would like to erase one of the main scars from recovering from the COVID-19 illness.”

When disorders affecting the sense of smell persist, management appears essential and mainly involves olfactory rehabilitation. The rehabilitation required is possible with Ma Madeleine™, a specific olfactory rehabilitation method targeting the re-education of this semantic network and hence a gradual improvement in the sense of smell and taste.

Ma Madeleine™ is currently being used in the rehabilitation centre at the Nice University Hospital in the South of France. The results of this evaluation will be available in 2022.  

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