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Position statements, policies, rules, reports

Our purpose commitments guide us in our choices and in our way of doing things, and in our interaction with our stakeholders we adhere to high ethical standards.

Being open, transparent and honest in our dealings with these stakeholders allows us to grow with purpose.

The Givaudan Principles of Conduct express our ethical commitment and are the cornerstone of our Company culture. They are available in all major Company languages and are undersigned by our Chairman of the Board and our Chief Executive Officer. 

In pursuing socially responsible growth we go beyond financial due diligence and establish leading ethical, social and environmental practices at our sites and areas of operations. We provide more detail on our sustainability-related policies, programmes and performance in several publications.    


Our policies

Human Rights Policy
Responsible Sourcing Policy


Our rules

Articles of incorporation of Givaudan SA
Statuts de Givaudan SA
Statuten der Givaudan SA
Board regulations of Givaudan SA
Principles on disclosure and transparency of Givaudan SA


Our reports

2021 Integrated Annual Report
2021 GRI Sustainability Report
2021 CDP Report on Climate Change
2021 CDP Report on Water Security
2021 TCFD recommendations