Health and wellbeing in the world of fragrances

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  • Propelling the industry forwards
  • Extensive scientific research
  • Wellbeing benefits for consumers
  • Zap platforms
  • Z-biome™
  • SaniScent­™ platform
  • The power of oral care
  • Working together for a sustainable future
Propelling the industry forwards
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At Givaudan, we expect a lot from our fragrances. Not only do they need to smell great; they need to bring wellbeing benefits to consumers and be good for the planet, too.

This requires a unique mix of innovation, perfumery expertise and scientific research. The result: creative yet dynamic fragrance technologies that enhance daily life for people around the world.

Extensive scientific research
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Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence

Personal wellbeing is a multi-trillion dollar global industry – and it’s still growing. 74%¹ of us consider wellbeing to be more about our mental and emotional state, and only 36% of millennials and baby boomers feel “very satisfied” with their wellbeing. More interestingly, less than half of us understand how to achieve mental and emotional wellbeing.

Wellbeing fact

To help us understand this rapidly evolving area and how it relates to fragrance, we carry out extensive scientific research at our Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence in Ashford, UK.

This gives us unparalleled insights into how fragrances are perceived and how they affect the way we think, feel and act.

    1. Edelman Wellness 360, The American Well-Being Study

    2. G-Source, Well-being Study (2019)

    Wellbeing benefits for consumers
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    Scientific solutions that make scents

    Based on in-depth neuroscience research, our technologies are designed to provide holistic or specific wellbeing benefits for consumers.

    Using the power of scent to optimise sleep quality
    Designing tomorrow’s mood-lifting creations with MoodScentz™+
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    Guidelines help perfumers to formulate fragrances that improve wellbeing
    Thalassogaia™ and Phytogaia™
    The Gaia collection
    Inspired by nature
    Zap platforms
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    Enhancing everyday experiences with our Zap platforms

    We know that malodour can have a negative effect on self-confidence, mood and wellbeing. That’s why we launched our Zap portfolio, the first ever patented malodour technologies platform for specific product categories. These powerful technologies are designed to enhance the consumer experience and hygienic performance of our customers’ products.

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    The world’s first microbiome-centered fragrance technologies: Z-biome™

    The Z‑biome™ platform is the first microbiome-centred fragrance technologies in the industry, that enables consumers to develop products that smell beautiful and respect the skin’s delicate microbiome.

    As more and more people believe that wellbeing is connected to the health of the skin, scientists and perfumers have created two innovative technologies, My Z-biome™ and Z-biome™ Deo, to ensure consumers can choose not only inspiring scents, but also microbiome-friendly fragrances across a range of personal care products and body deodorants.

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    SaniScent­™ platform
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    SaniScent™: better wellbeing with the hygiene power of fragrances

    SaniScent™ platform is the industries' most comprehensive technologies that reinforces hygiene to improve overall health and wellbeing for consumers. It addresses the consumers’ demand for higher expectations in hygiene offerings that can effectively deliver a strong combination of hygiene and sensorial benefits.

    With a unique mix of innovation, perfumery expertise and scientific research, SaniScent™ platform provides customers with six technologies that will reassure, protect, reward and reinforce the sense of hygiene in all product categories.

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    The power of oral care
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    The power of oral care

    Oral care is another area that plays a vital role in emotional wellbeing. From toothpaste to mouthwash, we specialise in developing solutions that smell great, taste great, and bring freshness and confidence all day long. We do this by combining our expertise in fragrance and flavours, built on consumer studies and pioneering scientific research.

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    Working together for a sustainable future
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    Working together for a sustainable future

    Our talented team of scientists and perfumers will continue to push the boundaries of fragrance technology to offer our customers the best solutions imaginable. We are committed to designing fragrances that have a positive impact on wellbeing and the environment, as we pursue our dream and Company purpose of “creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature”.