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Givaudan Landing Page

Fragrance technologies

Explore our fusion of innovative scent technologies designed to enhance performance and elevate your health and wellbeing

Pairing innovation and technology in the world of perfume is our speciality. We’re always researching new opportunities to bring scent innovations to life that not only inspire consumers, but also enhance their health and wellbeing. 

Our capabilities

Discover our stories


Designing tomorrow’s mood-lifting

creations with MoodScentz™+


Formulating long-lasting fragrances

with Scentaurus™

Body wash

SaniScent™ platform: enhancing the hygiene

power of fragrances for better wellbeing


PlanetCaps™: biodegradable

fragrance encapsulation technology

Your microbiome

The world’s first microbiome-centred

fragrance technologies: Z-biome™

story image

Innovation with nature

with Phytogaia™ and Thalassogaia™


Bloomful™ platform:

making fragrances go further

Pillows on floor

DreamScentz™: using the power of scent

to optimise sleep quality

story image

VivaScentz™: guidelines help perfumers to

formulate fragrances that improve wellbeing