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We all know how great it feels to wake up after a good night’s sleep. But did you know that sleep brings all sorts of other brilliant benefits too, from better memory to a stronger immune system?

Leveraging Givaudan’s deep fragrance knowledge and expertise, our DreamScentz™ patent-pending technology is now exploring how fragrances can be used to help people sleep better and sleep longer.

As well as creating fragrances, Givaudan also carries out extensive research into the role of scent in our lives, such as its impact on stress levels or productivity, at our state-of-the-art Sensory Centre in Ashford, Kent.

The power of sleep

Sleep is essential for us to be able to function effectively in our daily lives. As well as providing time for our bodies to rest, it enables the brain to restore itself after a busy day and to process new experiences, making us more efficient.

Scientists have proven that proper sleep enhances our lives in many other ways, for example by improving memory, decreasing depression, increasing creativity, supporting weight loss and keeping us healthy by allowing the immune system to regain strength each day.

In spite of all these fantastic advantages for our mental and physical health, research shows that 80% of us are not totally satisfied with our sleep quality, and that 50% of us feel we don’t get enough rest.

Watch the impact of our DreamScentz™ technology
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Discover the impact of our DreamScentz™ technology

Sweet (smelling) dreams
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Sweet (smelling) dreams

DreamScentz™ is a patent-pending technology to design fragrances that will optimise sleep quality, based on our understanding of the link between fragrance, positive mood states and good sleep. We are developing a new range of solutions, with the possibility for tailor-made options too, which create a calm atmosphere, relax the mind and body and help you sleep better and for longer – so you can wake up feeling relaxed, revitalised and refreshed.

The idea of using fragrances as a relaxation aid is not entirely new: the art of aromatherapy already harnesses the calming powers of essential oils such as chamomile, lavender and sandalwood. However, Givaudan is now going one step further by designing complex fragrances covering different olfactive directions to create the perfect night’s sleep – all backed by solid science and consumer validation.

This technology is backed up by detailed research, including our recent study which showed that sleep-enhancing fragrances led to a significantly higher quality of sleep than no fragrance – not only in terms of how the participants felt afterwards, but on a scientific level as well.

DreamScentz™ opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities to use the power of scent to improve people’s lives, thanks to a good night’s sleep.

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