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Designing feel-good fragrances with MoodScentz®

  • Emotions triggered by smell
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  • Gaining unprecedented insights
  • Analysing consumers’ responses with Mood Portraits®
  • Mood-enhancing fragrances
Emotions triggered by smell
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It’s no secret that emotions play a key role in connecting with consumers and establishing brand loyalty. But did you know that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell?

Backed by decades of pioneering scientific research, our patented MoodScentz® guidelines enable perfumers to harness the power of fragrances to evoke positive moods.

Perfumery expertise meets neuroscience

Fragrances can spark vivid memories and feelings. They can transport us back to moments in our lives, or help us to feel better in the present – from an invigorating shower gel that wakes us up, to a scented candle that helps us to wind down.

Amazingly, our ‘personal smell library’ begins to develop inside the womb, at just 24 weeks old. Our own unique set of ‘smell-memory connections’ continues to operate and grow 24/7 throughout our lives, even though most of the time we are not aware of it.

Watch the video
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Watch our MoodScentz® video


Gaining unprecedented insights
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Connecting scents with sentiments

Through over 35 years of trail-blazing research at our Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence in Ashford, UK, we have gained unprecedented insights into the scientific links between fragrance and emotional state.

The original purpose of the MoodScentz® project was to explore the potential of fragrances to improve health and wellbeing. Since then, technological advances have allowed us to dive even deeper into this endlessly fascinating and constantly evolving subject.

“As MoodScentz® is backed by solid scientific research, it gives our perfumers complete confidence in the emotional impact of their compositions. This makes it possible for our customers to create unique products that deliver genuine wellbeing benefits, which can then be communicated to consumers.”

Anne, Research Fellow, Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence, Givaudan

Analysing consumers’ responses with Mood Portraits®
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How do you measure moods?

There are many ways to analyse consumers’ responses to different fragrances, and one in particular is Mood Portraits®. This innovative technique involves asking volunteers to select from a series of emotional images the option that evokes the same or similar feelings as the scent being tested. People often find it hard to describe fragrances and speak about emotions, but Mood Portraits® is effective as it bypasses the need to use words.

We can even tailor our approach to specific countries or regions, giving us insights into how consumers around the world react to different scents.

Some of the other cutting-edge techniques we use include functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Electroencephalography (EEG) and physiological monitoring, in which patterns of brain activity, heart rate or skin conductance responses are measured while volunteers smell fragrances.

Mood-enhancing fragrances
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A perfumery design aid like no other

Our ground-breaking research enabled us to create a science-based ‘mood odour map’, showing the connection between odours and mood areas. Using state of the art multidimensional statistical techniques we translated this information into MoodScentz®: our patented creative guidelines for perfumers to design mood-enhancing fragrances, with a focus on three moods: happy, relaxing and invigorating.

MoodScentz® Happy
MoodScentz® Relaxing
MoodScentz® Invigorating
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Fragrances that make you feel positive and delighted

MoodScentz™ Happy

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Fragrances that bring you peace of mind and serenity

MoodScentz™ Relaxing

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Fragrances that make you feel uplifted and energised

MoodScentz™ Invigorating

Creating for healthier, happier lives today during COVID-19

Life during a global pandemic has affected behaviours and attitudes of consumers all over the world, making products with ‘feel good benefits’ more important than ever. Our new COVID-19 Trends Tracker helps us understand the changing needs and priorities of consumers during these unprecedented times which also help our experts develop unique fragrance and solutions targeting the various mood shifts people are experiencing.

In Europe, our research indicates ‘hygiene’ was a top priority for consumers during the peak of the crisis in April. Today, we’re seeing a higher interest in ‘wellbeing’ such as positive mood or ‘happy’ fragrances, as consumers are increasingly concerned with their health and wellbeing.

Impactful solutions for the future

MoodScentz® can be applied to all categories, from personal care to home care to fine fragrances. This revolutionary project offers unlimited possibilities for adding feel-good moments to consumers’ days and home environments – something that has never been more important than it is today.

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