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SaniScent™: better wellbeing with the hygiene power of fragrances

  • Hygiene-enhancing positioning
  • Hygiene: a global consumer concern
  • Designing for happier, healthier lives
Hygiene-enhancing positioning
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At Givaudan, our mission is to create scent innovations that not only smell great, but also deliver the benefits consumers are looking for.

That’s why we are launching SaniScent™: a comprehensive technology platform for developing beautiful fragrances with hygiene-enhancing positioning.

Answering consumers’ new needs

People are purchasing more cleaning products than ever, including hand sanitisers, surface cleaners and laundry detergents. But today’s consumers don’t just want hygiene; they also want additional benefits such as environmentally friendly products with sensorial, emotional and wellbeing benefits. This requires a unique mix of innovation, perfumery expertise and scientific research.

Hygiene: a global consumer concern
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Fragrance enables a sense of hygiene because it reaffirms the functional aspects of safety and efficacy, while also bringing emotional benefits.


Hygiene: a global consumer concern

Hygiene: a global consumer concern

Source: Covid Tracker 2020 Study (France, UK, Germany)

Designing for happier, healthier lives
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Designing for happier, healthier lives

Givaudan’s brand-new SaniScent™ platform brings together our diverse array of technologies to boost the hygiene profile of any product category, with unlimited olfactive directions.

“Our research shows that consumers expect hygiene products to offer safety and efficacy, but also sensorial benefits (sight, smell, touch) and a sense of wellbeing. Our new SaniScent™ platform helps customers to respond to those needs, while reflecting Givaudan’s purpose of creating for happier, healthier lives.”

Philippe, Head of Global Fragrance Technology, Fragrance & Beauty



Six SaniScent™ versatile technologies

The SaniScent™ platform includes six versatile pillars, answering a wide range of hygiene‑related consumer needs

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Ready to get started?

With our unique capabilities, creativity and consumer insights, Givaudan has everything you need to design winning hygiene fragrances.

Contact us to find out more about co-creating with our experts and the SaniScent™ technology platform.