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A superior fragrance experience
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We develop cutting-edge, science-backed scent solutions for all product categories that have a positive impact on consumers’ lives. A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes to make this happen.

Our teams of scientists work together with engineers and perfumers to deliver the best encapsulation technologies to bring moments of delight to consumers throughout the day.

Delivery Systems Centre of Excellence

We specialise in creating effective perfume delivery methods to boost the overall consumer experience. Developed at our Delivery Systems Centre of Excellence in France and Singapore, these industry-leading innovations include our pioneering encapsulation technology.

Highest manufacturing standards
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Givaudan produces technologies around the world in dedicated facilities meeting the highest manufacturing standards.

Encapsulation technologies
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Advanced delivery systems
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Fragrance capsule on fabric
A microscopic view of a fragrance capsule on fabric

Encapsulation technologies

Timed release matters in fragranced products – from a detergent that springs into action during the wash cycle, to a fabric softener that surrounds you with freshness at the touch of your laundry, to a deodorant that slowly releases scent throughout the day. This calls for advanced delivery systems that protect and carry perfume until it is needed: a technique known as encapsulation.

Rooted in responsible innovation and served by a strong collection of hedonics, our encapsulation technologies enhance everyday moments.

      Customers can choose from a range of solutions, depending on the application and the release mode required:


      Some capsules are activated by water: these include Bloomtech™, our first biodegradable technology, suitable for powder detergent, scent booster and deodorant products.


      Some capsules are activated by friction: these include MechaCaps™, ScentiCaps™ and PlanetCaps™, which are suitable for a variety of fabric care and personal care products.


      Some capsules are dual-release systems, responding to both water contact and friction: these include StereoCaps™, our latest biodegradable technology in powder format, particularly suitable for deodorant.

      Givaudan’s specialities
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      The future of delivery systems in fragrances

      Technology that makes a difference is one of Givaudan’s specialities. We will continue to explore and enhance the way people experience perfume, leveraging our passion for science, innovation and sustainability to design high-performing, nature-conscious scents.

      In that respect, discover our latest innovation PlanetCaps™, the world’s first biodegradable fragrance encapsulation technology that enables long-lasting fragrance experience in a biodegradable and bio-sourced delivery system. This breakthrough technology strongly contributes to our Company's purpose "Creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature" and supports our customers in meeting their sustainability ambitions.

      The PlanetCaps™ journey is only just beginning, as we will be expanding this biodegradable innovation to other product categories over the next few months and years.

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      Fragrance & Beauty
      Discover PlanetCaps™, Givaudan's latest innovation

      PlanetCaps™, a combination of high biodegradability and renewable carbon source material, delivers long-lasting fragrance experience appreciated by both customers and consumers. 

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