Naturality Platform™: embracing nature-conscious fragrance creation

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Love for nature has always been at the heart of our approach to creativity and innovation.

Now, we are launching a pioneering platform to help our perfumers and customers craft beautiful, nature-conscious fragrances. Reflecting the rising demand for responsible products, our Naturality Platform™ marks a major step forward for sustainable fragrance design.

Helping perfumers and brands to help the planet

The Naturality Platform™ gives our perfumers the tools and information they need to dream up wonderful new scents with maximum respect for nature. Built on three years of research, it revolves around three pillars: understanding, designing and measuring fragrances.

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The ultimate goal
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Kind to our planet
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“The ultimate goal, as a perfumer, is to deliver beautiful, scented products that give joy while at the same time being both kind to our planet and competitive on the market.” 

Maxence, Perfumer Consumer Products

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Naturality index

Understanding: Consumer study programmes

An essential starting point for successful formulations

As demand grows for sustainable products, our wide-ranging consumer research helps us to identify evolving needs and expectations. This gives us unparalleled insights into the so-called ‘naturality boom’ and what consumers around the world are looking for.

Naturality guide

Designing: The Naturality Guide™

The right fragrance with the right claim

Like a map guiding our customers, the Naturality Guide™ helps our customers and creative teams to pinpoint the best positioning for their products. It provides a clear segmentation and understanding of the market, resulting in eco-friendly fragrances that support relevant claims.

Naturality collections

Measuring: The Naturality Index™

A powerful design aid for perfumers

The Naturality Index™ helps perfumers to take into account the environmental impact of the ingredients they have chosen. Inspired by our Company purpose of ‘creating for happier, healthier lives with love for nature’, this unique assessment tool is based on a deep understanding of the factors that affect fragrance sustainability, such as biodegradability, renewability and sourcing.

“As a perfumer, the Naturality Platform™ gives me the tools and information to make better decisions with every ingredient I add to a fragrance formula. Imagine if I work on ten perfumes a day, made up of 100 raw materials each – the Naturality Guide™ gives me the opportunity to do 1,000 things to help the planet!”

Stephen, Fine Fragrance Perfumer

An exciting opportunity
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Creating with purpose

The Naturality Platform™ offers an exciting opportunity to delight consumers, push the frontiers of creativity and build a better future for perfumery and our world. Many wonderful and unexpected solutions are already emerging from the platform, from fine fragrances, personal care fragrances to fabric care.