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2019 Annual investor conference
2018 Givaudan investor days
2018 Half year investor conference
2018 Annual investor conference
2017 Annual investor conference
2017 Half year conference
2017 Givaudan investor days


2019 Annual investor conference
A strong start to 2019 and GBS on track against plan

More than 40 investors and analysts from institutions in Europe at Givaudan’s 2019 annual investor conference heard of the Company’s progress against its strategic targets as well as an update on the implementation of Givaudan Business Solutions (GBS).

2019 Annual Investor Conference

At the conference at Vernier, Switzerland on 9 April, Givaudan CEO Gilles Andrier gave an overview of the 2018 full year results as well as the 2019 first quarter sales, and said the Company had made a strong start to the year.

Andrier said this good business momentum to 2019, together with the project pipeline and win rates sustained at a high level, was achieved across all product segments and geographies.

“Our key strategic focus areas of Naturals, Health and well-being, Active Beauty, Integrated solutions and local and regional customers delivered strong growth, supported by the recent acquisitions,” he said.

In the first three months of this year, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 1,525 million, an increase of 6.3% on a like-for-like1 basis compared to the previous year. Flavour Division sales were CHF 848 million, an increase of 4.3% on a like-for-like basis. Fragrance Division sales were CHF 677 million, an increase of 8.7% on a like-for-like basis.

Anne Tayac, Head of GBS, said the implementation of GBS was going according to plan and delivering tangible benefits in line with objectives. European and US transitions had been successfully completed, GBS centres in Budapest, Buenos Aires and Kuala Lumpur were fully operational, and Latin America and Asia Pacific transitions are underway. The full project is on track to be completed in 2020. 

“GBS is our unique platform to deliver efficiencies and agility hand in hand with the business so we can ensure our customers have an excellent experience each time they interact with Givaudan. We're also better positioned to leverage digital opportunities as we continuously improve our solutions,” Tayac said.

1 Like-for-like is defined as: (a) sales calculated using the invoicing exchange rates of the prior year, and (b) excluding sales of businesses acquired from the acquisition date until the period end date, up to 12 months from the acquisition date.


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2018 Givaudan investor days
Capturing growth with Indonesia’s potential

The exotic tastes and smells of Indonesia have been experienced first-hand by 15 participants during Givaudan’s 2018 Investor Days. Their visit on 22 and 23 October included a tour of the Company’s new commercial and development centre in Jakarta.

> Givaudan opens new commercial and development centre in Indonesia

The investor analysts heard details of Indonesia’s potential and about Givaudan’s plans for the country and the region from Givaudan CEO Gilles Andrier, Regional Head Fragrances Asia Pacific Ben Webb and Head of Flavours ASEAN Tansukh Jain.

Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world holds substantial potential for the Company’s products. Givaudan has been present in Indonesia since 1993 and has significantly invested in people and facilities in the country. In addition to the new centre in Jakarta, the Company manufactures liquids, powder blends, spray dry flavours and fragrance liquid compounds in Cimanggis (province of West Java).

Increasing urbanisation and the growing middle class in Indonesia are giving rise to a more dynamic market for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The Investor Days attendees were told how Givaudan is well placed for this growth and is investing in the country and the region to capture the opportunities. The Company’s customer base is growing both regionally and locally, and building customer intimacy alongside this growth is crucial for continuing success, the investor analysts heard. 

Appropriately, the 2018 Investor Days concluded with an Indonesian heritage dinner.

Givaudan in Indonesia

Givaudan’s Naturals sourcing and regional presence in Indonesia

> Indonesia: securing a sustainable patchouli oil supply


2018 Half year investor conference
Winning in South East Asia

Givaudan’s business prospects in the promising markets of the South East Asia region was the focus of the Company’s 18th traditional half year conference for investor analysts, held on 30 August in Zurich. Over 60 participants attended to hear of the Company’s current business activities and plans to capitalise on the region’s potential.

2018 Half year conference in Zurich, Switzerland

CEO Gilles Andrier reviewed the 2018 Half Year Results and gave an outlook on the business generally. Sales for the first six months of the year were CHF 2,674 million, an increase of 5.6% on a like-for-like basis and 7.7% in Swiss francs. He confirmed the continued recovery in high growth markets with sales growth balanced between high growth and mature markets, with all acquired businesses demonstrating strong growth profile.

Special guest speakers Fernando Miquelerana for Flavours and Ben Webb for Fragrances gave presentations on Givaudan’s business in the high growth markets of the region – Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

    The South East Asia region has some of the biggest and fastest growing markets for Givaudan. In Indonesia, for example, the low urbanisation rates as well as the small number of people in the middle class represent a substantial future potential for the Company’s products and services. Today, Indonesia represents 4% of Group sales, similar to India, the Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and the UK and Ireland. It ranks in the top ten countries of the Givaudan Group.

    In October, the 2018 Investor Days event will continue this focus on high growth markets. The event will be held in Jakarta, where analysts will visit Givaudan’s new creation and application laboratories, and hear ‘on the ground’ of the Company’s business prospects.

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    2018 Annual investor conference
    A good start to the year and on track for GBS implementation

    Givaudan’s annual investor conference was held in Vernier, Geneva on 10 April 2018, and brought together 39 investors and analysts from institutions in Europe.

    2018 Annual Investor Conference, Vernier

    Gilles Andrier, Givaudan CEO, presented the Company’s 2018 first quarter sales: in the first three months of the year, Givaudan recorded sales of CHF 1,308 million, an increase of 5% on a like-for-like-basis. The good growth was achieved across all product segments and geographies, with recent acquisitions all continuing to contribute positively. Andrier updated attendees on Givaudan’s 2020 strategy which in part seeks to create value through targeted acquisitions. In particular, he gave on overview on the recently announced plan to purchase 40.6% of Naturex.

    Special topic speaker Anne Tayac, Head of Givaudan Business Solutions (GBS), presented an update on the implementation of GBS, Givaudan's new platform to drive agility and efficiency in line with its ambition to 'deliver with excellence'. Tayac’s review of key achievements so far, which followed her presentation to investors in August 2017, showed how GBS leverages digital technology, ensures a superior customer experience and brings value to the Company’s businesses.

    “We are well on track with the implementation of GBS with a number of sites already working hand-in-hand with our GBS delivery centres in Europe and Asia Pacific,” said Tayac.

    Conference participants were able to talk to members of the Executive Committee during a buffet lunch featuring Hungarian, Argentine and Malaysian specialities – a neat connection to the countries hosting GBS service centres.

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    2017 Annual investor conference
    Opportunites to create value with our customers in Japan

    At this year’s annual investor conference, held in Vernier (Geneva) on 11 April 2017, we presented the overview of our 2017 first quarter performance in addition to an update on Asia, with a special focus on Japan.

    Monila Kothari, Head Flavours Asia, and Ben Webb, Head Fragrances Asia, presented the Asian fragrance and flavour markets and spoke on our strong position in this region and the opportunities available to Givaudan: Asia is our biggest and fastest growing market with about a quarter of its revenues in the region (more than one billion Swiss francs). This is impressive when considering that the region represented just 18% of sales in 2000. Today, our footprint extends to 15 Asian countries with around 2,000 dedicated employees. 

    Participants were able to meet and discuss further with Monila and Ben during a buffet lunch with Japanese influence.

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    2017 Half year conference
    Addressing fast-changing consumer desires and market trends by reducing internal complexity

    The 2017 Half year conference was held at the Widderhotel, in Zurich on 30 August. Gilles Andrier, CEO, opened the session by welcoming participants and giving a quick overview of Givaudan’s performance during this half year.

    This year’s conference gave us the opportunity to introduce Givaudan Business Solutions, the creation which was announced with the half year results 2016.

    2017 Half Year Conference with Anne Tayac

    Anne Tayac, Head of Givaudan Business Solutions

    Over 26 participants were given the opportunity to listen to Anne Tayac, Executive Committee member and Head of Givaudan Business Solutions, present the company’s strategy to maintain our agility and excellence in execution to offer a superior customer experience. As Givaudan continues to grow, we are determined to maintain our agility and excellence in execution in order to offer a superior customer experience. This is the underlying rational for GBS: a global organisational unit providing best-in-class internal processes and services. 


    2017 Givaudan investor days
    A portal into the promising opportunities in Asia and Japan

    Givaudan Japan

    Givaudan organised another voyage of olfactive and gustative discovery, and this year we brought investors and analysts to Asia to visit our creation, technology and production centres in Japan. The two day event was organised in Tokyo and Fukuroi on 17 and 18 October 2017.

    The Japanese flavour market is very innovative, especially in the beverage and snack sector. Japan is therefore an important source of inspiration for our Flavour Division.

    Japanese cuisine is very sophisticated and encompasses the regional and traditional foods of Japan, which have developed through centuries of social and economic changes. 

      The traditional cuisine of Japan, 和食 washoku, is based on rice with miso soup and a variety of dishes with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Side dishes often consist of fish, pickled vegetables, and vegetables cooked in broth. Seafood is common, often grilled, but also served raw as sashimi or in sushi. Seafood and vegetables are also deep-fried in a light batter, as tempura. Apart from rice, staples include noodles, such as soba and udon. Japan also has many simmered dishes such as fish products in broth called oden, or beef in sukiyakiand nikujaga.

      In our Flavour creation and application labs in Tokyo participants got a glimpse of this great variety of culinary tastes. The visit was complemented with a tour of our production facility in Fukuroi that aims at authentic Japanese taste.

      Fragrance is a very sophisticated market in Japan and Givaudan boasts a success story in the Japanese fragrance market: from fifth position in 2006 to achieving leadership in recent years. There are many opportunities in fine fragrances and consumer products. Walking through the glittering halls of the Mitsukoshi or Takashimaya department stores, you won’t find the endless expanse of fragrance bars that you would see in Europe or North America. This is not to say that there isn’t an interesting selection of both prestige and niche lines in Japan. Perfuming the air or the clothes is a more acceptable way of scenting oneself, as applying perfumes directly on skin runs counter to the purity stipulations of Shinto, the indigenous faith of the Japanese people

      And we can not forget that beauty is big business in Japan, where the sales of cosmetics make this country the world’s second largest market after the USA. You can find entire magazines devoted to nothing but cosmetics and anti-ageing products, delivered with the kind of attention to detail that is astonishing. The opportunities for our Active Beauty abounds.