2024 Annual General Meeting

Celebrating innovation, inclusion, and community impact

The Givaudan Annual General Meeting took place on 21 March 2024, at the Geneva InterContinental Hotel.

AGM 2024

Over 300 shareholders and shareholder representatives attended the meeting live in Geneva, representing 5,087,405 shares, or 55.10% of registered shares.

“In 2023, we delivered an excellent business performance, and made good progress on delivering our 2025 strategic goals. I’d like to express my thanks to our colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers for their continued commitment and great collaboration.”

Chairman Calvin Grieder

Calvin Grieder, Chairman of the Board of Directors

During the plenary sessions, CEO Gilles Andrier and CFO Tom Hallam presented the key financial results for 2023, providing valuable insights into the Company’s performance and future prospects. 

“I am extremely grateful to all of the Givaudan employees around the world for their continued commitment to continue delivering industry-leading performance.”

CEO Gilles Andrier

Guest speaker Xavier Renard, Global Head of Fine Fragrances, shared his expertise during the Annual General Meeting, discussing the heritage of fine fragrances, the Prestige Market post-COVID, and Givaudans ambition to create the fragrances of tomorrow. He also provided insights into the future of fragrance creation and our commitment to innovation.

AGM 2024

To further illustrate Xavier Renard’s speech, the meeting featured an exhibition corner where shareholders had the opportunity to explore the world of Gen Z and how Givaudan is redefining olfactive codes for this new generation. At the vibrant ‘What is Love’ booth, attendees discovered fragrances that embrace inclusivity and evoke deep emotions representative of Gen Z. These fragrances break away from conventional norms and reflect the vibrant energy of today’s youth.

AGM 2024
In addition to fragrance exploration, shareholders had the opportunity to experience Givaudan’s latest Taste & Wellbeing innovations. This included interactive experiences like co-creating the drink of the future using the AromaKiosk, and savouring refreshing drinks that authentically replicated the flavour of real oranges and tasting a tropical drink that boosts brain performance and supports vision.

Other exhibitions showcased the Company’s dedication to promoting gut health by presenting nourishing snacks designed for digestive wellbeing and delicious flavours, reflecting the Company’s belief in food’s ability to nurture both body and mind. Finally, 10 years of impactful actions in communities was being celebrated at the Givaudan Foundation booth. They displayed lovely soaps produced by local communities, highlighting the Company’s commitment to sustainable and community-centred initiatives.

All in all, the day enabled the Company to represent to shareholders its commitment to innovation, inclusion, and community impact.

Givaudan aims to provide exceptional experiences to its customers, make a positive impact in communities, and embrace the diverse experiences of the new generation.