Tip 10: Be careful when sharing information on the Internet

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The risks

Sharing documents with a wrong recipient can have serious consequences like:


  • disclosing personal information to an audience that doesn't need it, loosing total control of it, and making possible further distribution (e.g. newborn baby pictures becoming public on the Internet);
  • making public Givaudan confidential business information (using cloud services like SlideShare to allow others to use your presentations but with the wrong access rights granted, using public social network to share Givaudan internal news, etc.);
  • harming your reputation or Givaudan's reputation by sharing offending content on social networks (e.g. criticising friends or colleagues on social networks).

Useful tips

When sharing information, always grant access to the only people who really need it.

Regularly review the accesses to your most sensitive shared documents and remove the accesses that are not required anymore. 

Scary statistics

The main culprit of data leaks is human error on the customer’s end.


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Verizon have exposed the personal information of millions of customers by accidentally misconfiguring their cloud repositories.

Four years ago, one in six Amazon cloud servers were left accessible to the public, exposing more than 126 billion files – many of which contained sensitive business information.


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