Tip 8: Don’t leave devices and storage media unattended

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The risks

On your devices, you store personal and business information. If you lose your device or it is stolen, you also lose this information.

In case you have no backup, your photos, contacts, SMSes, documents, etc. are gone - forever.

And if your device is not secured properly, the thief has access to all your data.

When crossing a border, your devices may get inspected or confiscated by the authorities: in such a case, you must assume that all your data has been copied.

Useful tips

Do not let your devices unattended. Keep it with you at all times or lock it away.

Always double check you didn't leave anything behind when leaving a plane, train or restaurant.

Put the devices in carry on luggage. Checked in luggage can be opened and devices stolen.

Encrypt your devices (personal and business). If you don't know how to encrypt your business devices, contact your IT Service Desk.

Cleanup regularly to travel with the minimum and only take the data you need with you to avoid unnecessary disclosure of information to authorities when crossing borders in some countries.

Immediately report lost devices or documents to the IT Service Desk and your manager.

Scary statistics

70 million smartphones are lost each year, with only 7% recovery.


One laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

25% of these devices are stolen from cars or during transportation.


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