Global Candidate Privacy Notice

(‘Privacy Notice’)

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This Privacy Notice explains how, when and why we collect and use your personal data when you interact with Givaudan as a candidate.

‘Personal data’ is any information or set of information that can identify you as an individual such as your name, address, telephone number, email address as well as any other information about you that Givaudan may obtain from you directly or indirectly.

We are committed to being transparent in the way we collect and use your personal data and how we protect it. We also recognise your need for reasonable control of your personal data.

This is why this Privacy Notice will help you understand:

> Who is responsible for your personal data?
> Application of this Privacy Notice
> What personal data do we collect and why?
> What do we do with it?
> Who do we share it with?
> How long do we store your personal data?
> How do we protect personal data?
> Your rights
> Other important information you need to know  

Who is responsible for your personal data?

The data controller is the legal entity which is responsible for the personal data collected from you. It determines how, when and why it collects and uses your personal data. Givaudan is a multinational company operating around the globe. The data controller for your personal data will depend on how you submitted your application:

If you have submitted your application on the Givaudan Career portal, through a recruitment agency or via a social media portal (e.g. LinkedIn), the data controller is Givaudan International SA, Chemin de la Parfumerie 5, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland.

If you have submitted your application by handing your CV and supporting documents to a Givaudan collaborator in one of our offices around the globe, the data controller is the legal entity that manages the office you handed your CV to. The list of Givaudan legal entities per locations and their details is available in our latest annual report.

If you have not submitted your application for any positions yet, although you have given us your permission to keep your resume in order to let you know whether any suitable position opens at Givaudan, the data controller is Givaudan International SA, Chemin de la Parfumerie 5, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland.

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Application of this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice applies to any individual creating a profile on the Givaudan careers portal and/or applying for one or more positions at Givaudan.

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What personal data do we collect and why?

Directly from you
We collect and use personal data that you provide us when you apply for one or more open positions at Givaudan or you submit a generic application, as follows:

Career portal: When you apply through our career portal or if you create a career profile, we ask you to provide some information, including your name, gender, nationality, e-mail address, phone number, qualifications, previous experience, CV and other relevant information regarding the position you are applying for or for future positions of interest. You are only required to give the information that is marked as mandatory. The other fields are a plus for your application but you are free to not answer them and this will not impact your application.

Some of the information listed above might not be asked from you depending on the legislation applicable to you.

Assessments: During the application period, we may collect personal data through various assessment questionnaires, for example, answers to and results of cognitive tests. For more information about this process, see below section “What do we do with it?”.

Video screening: During the application period, we may ask you to answer some questions through video screening. You can refuse to participate in the video screening, which will not have any (negative) consequences on your application with us. For more information about this process, see below section “What do we do with it?”.

Onboarding: When you accept our job offer, we ask for additional personal data in order to get your employment contract prepared for you, for example your bank account information to pay your salary, a copy of your work permit, your social security number, emergency contact details or proof of your qualifications. The personal data we ask from you in this phase might differ in every country we operate in and be subject to local legal requirements.

We also collect information that you provide to us on our request or on paper forms that we ask you to fill during the application process.

Indirectly, through other sources
Recruitment agencies: We also receive information about you from recruitment agencies when we contract them to assist us in finding the right candidate for a position. If you submit your application through them, they might ask you for certain information to ensure your suitability for the position. They determine what information they want from you and they have to provide you with their own privacy notice.

LinkedIn and various job board platforms: We use the platform of LinkedIn and other job board platforms to search for suitable candidates and also to assess applicants’ profiles. We hold a “Recruiter Account” on LinkedIn which allows us to see your full profile and create shortlists of promising candidates, or creating comments directly on our LinkedIn platform. If you wish, you can opt-out from being seen by companies holding a Recruiter Account on LinkedIn by following the instructions of the link below:

Employee referral: If a Givaudan employee refers you for an open position at Givaudan, he or she will provide, with your consent, your name and your contact details. This information is necessary for us to link your name to the one of the employees who referred you.

Performing background checks: For specific functions or locations we might perform background checks. This includes verifying your skills, qualifications and background for a particular role and your information or your criminal records. In these cases we will inform you about this request accordingly.

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What do we do with it?

Career portal and video screening: With the help of the personal data provided in the career portal and, if applicable, during the video screening, our recruitment team selects the most suitable candidates. During the interviews, additional information might be asked from you in order to get to know you better.

Assessments: We might ask you to participate in assessments according to the job level and/or job function you apply for. Givaudan has a rigorous selection process to ensure that future employees will be successful in their role and in the organisation. This selection process might consist of:

  • a series of pre-interview validated cognitive ability assessments;
  • structured competency-based interviews;
  • case study and
  • in some cases additional job-related assessments

The combination of these tools adds validity and reliably to the prediction of your future job performance.

We collect and use your personal data for our legitimate interest, which is to consider your application for a position in the company, and should you be successful, for the purpose of preparing an employment agreement with you.

  • Evaluate your suitability for the position you have applied to by reviewing all the information we have collected from you;
  • Progress your application in case you have met the requirements for the job;
  • Choose the candidate who is the most suitable for the position we advertised;
  • Onboard you through our onboarding programme if and once you have accepted our job offer;
  • Pay the bonus to the employee who referred the successful candidate;
  • Monitor gender and nationality equality throughout the candidate funnel; 
  • Keep you informed about potential open positions that may be of interest to you.

We will also use your personal data if it is required to fulfil any legal and regulatory obligation that might occur during the recruitment.

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Who do we share it with?

Your personal data and your performance are shared with:

  • our recruitment team and the employees who take part in the selection process, including the hiring manager and the interviewers;
  • vendors, helping us with the organisation of the application process, for example our provider of the video screening system;
  • relevant public authorities, in order to fulfil certain of our legal obligations once you have accepted our job offer, for example to obtain a work permit for you.

If a Givaudan employee referred you, your referrer will know whether you have accepted our offer, however he or she will not be informed about the stages of your application up until you accept our offer.

Finally, we may share your personal data if we are legally required to do so.

We do not sell your personal data to third parties.

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How long do we store your personal data?

The information we hold about you will be retained in a manner consistent with the applicable data protection legislation. In any event, your information shall not be kept longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes stated in this Privacy Notice.

Our policies and procedures build upon the following criteria to determine the retention periods of personal data in the context of the purposes set out above:

  • whether your application for employment was successful;
  • the time elapsed since your last interaction with us;
  • sensitivity of the personal data;
  • security reasons;
  • applicable statutes of limitation;
  • any actual or potential litigation or dispute (e.g. we need this information to establish or defend legal claims), in which case we will keep your information until the end of such dispute;
  • regulatory or legal obligation to retain the personal data (e.g. for social security purposes), in which case we will keep your information as long as required by that obligation.

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How do we protect personal data?

We consider your personal data as confidential information. We deploy technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data and ensure that it is protected from unlawful access, alteration and loss. Organisational measures mean, for example, that we ensure that only the persons who need to do so for business purposes have access to your personal data. Technical measures mean that we perform regular checks on our infrastructures but also on our service providers to ensure that they comply with Givaudan security policies.

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Your rights

You are in control of your personal data.

Right to access and to correct. You have the right to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you by contacting us. We make regular checks to ensure we keep your personal data up-to-date. However, we need your help in doing this, so please update your profile on our career portal regularly or contact us if you want to correct any other personal data that you have provided us.

Right to object and to restrict. You have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data. Under certain circumstances, you also have the right to obtain the restriction of the processing of your personal data (e.g. until an inaccuracy in your personal data is corrected by us following your request). Please note that as a consequence of your exercising this right, except if you object to the video screening, we may not be able to process your application further.

Right to erasure. If you no longer wish us to process your personal data, you may delete your profile on our career portal or contact us. We may however retain certain of your personal data for compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with our data retention rules or as mentioned above in the section “How long do we store your personal data”. Please note that as a consequence of your exercising this right we may not be able to process your application anymore.

Right to data portability. You have the right to obtain from us, under certain circumstances, the information that you have provided us with, in a structured, commonly used and machine readable form so you can reuse it for your own purposes across different companies. 

For individuals residing in the European Union (“EU”), the following additional rights are available to you:

Right not to be subject to automated individual decision-making. In order to make a pre-selection of candidates, we sometimes setup the system so that it solely decides to accept or reject your application based on certain criteria defined by us. In addition, certain of our assessments are computer-based and the results may not always be checked by a human being, in which case we inform you accordingly at the beginning of the assessment.

Where a decision about your application has been made solely by a machine, you have the right to request that such decision be reviewed by a natural person.

Right to lodge a complaint. We make our best to be transparent, protect your personal data and offer you as much control as we can. If however you deem that we did not do it in compliance with applicable privacy and data protection laws, you can contact us. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the EU data protection authority in your country or in the country where your data controller is located.

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Other important information you need to know

International data transfers

We operate as a global company and rely on service providers to support our global solutions. Your personal data may be transferred to another country other than the one you reside in. We ensure, however, that such international data transfer is made in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

If we transfer your information outside of the EEA, we will make sure that your information is protected by the following safeguards:

  • the laws of the country to which your information is transferred ensure an adequate level of data protection (Article 45 GDPR); or
  • the transfer is subject to data protection clauses approved by the European Commission (Article 46.2 GDPR) or is subject to the EU-US Privacy Shield.

If you wish to receive more information relating to the transfers of your information and/or the safeguards that have been implemented (including on how to receive a copy thereof), you can contact us.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

The most recent version of this Privacy Notice is on this page. We may modify this Privacy Notice at any time, except if such modifications contain substantial changes that may affect individuals’ rights under applicable privacy and data protection laws, in which case you will be notified of such changes at the beginning of this page.


In case you have further questions about this Privacy Notice, please get in touch with our Group Data Protection Officer. You can also write to us at:

Givaudan International SA
Attn: Group Data Protection Officer
Chemin de la Parfumerie 5
1214 Vernier


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Created: 24 April 2019 – Last updated: 25 August 2023