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Deliver ‘Does Good’ Food Experiences by reducing undesirable ingredients and adding health-supporting nutrients

From reduced-sugar chocolate bars to functional foods and nutritional beverages packed with vitamins and minerals, today’s consumers expect their foods and beverages to be both nutritious and delicious.

We help our customers to create mouth-watering products with the health benefits consumers are looking for, either by reducing sugar, salt and fat, or adding vitamins, minerals and fibres. We can also develop tasty, authentic flavours for meat substitutes and plant-based foods, from plant-based fish and seafood to plant-based dairy. Our approach is rooted in innovation and co-creation, and we are constantly exploring current and future trends to help brands stay one step ahead. Find out more below.

Our capabilities

Our Nutri Essentials offering adds desirable nutrients derived from natural ingredients.
Our Nutri TasteSolutions® offering enables the reduction of undesirable ingredients.