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  • Consumers are seeking help to boost vitality
  • Navigating the mind-energy continuum
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Consumers are seeking help to boost vitality
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From adaptogens that calm the mind to energising plants that boost vitality, consumers are seeking wellness experiences to help them perform throughout the day.

With a wide offer of natural, responsibly sourced botanical ingredients, Givaudan’s mind and energy platform is designed to address a broad range of consumer needs.

Whether you’re designing a nutritional supplement, food or beverage application, we have the ingredient solutions and formulation support to help you create your next mind or energy blockbuster.

Capsules and pills

Capsules and pills





Dairy and plant-based alternatives

Dairy and plant-based alternatives

Navigating the mind-energy continuum
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Navigating the mind-energy continuum

Navigating the mind-energy continuum

The “mind-energy continuum” categorises consumer needs into four pillars: energy, cognition, relaxation, and sleep. We’ve gathered insights to help understand consumer motivations and offer solutions to address the consumer’s needs from morning till night.

The continuum highlights the interconnections between consumer needs throughout the day: providing a pick-me-up in the afternoon to seize the day, calming the mind to improve focus at work, or relaxing before settling down for a good night’s sleep.

    Discover some of the trending ingredients
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    Energy insights
    Cognition insights
    Relaxation and mood insights
    Sleep insights
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    What do consumers really expect from an energy product?

    • 38% of Australians want to “stay focused all day long”
    • 35% of Europeans want to “wake up sharper”
    • 25% of Japanese want to “improve stamina/endurance”


    Yerba mate

    The vitalising powers of yerba mate

    Yerba mate has been consumed since pre-Colombian times by Guarani people, who called it the “drink of the Gods” and believed it provided strength.

    It is traditionally consumed all day long for its gentle energy benefits in Argentina and Southern Brazil, typically in a wooden gourd with a metal straw called bombilla.

    Yerba mate leaves contain naturally occurring caffeine, which has been proven in humans to decrease fatigue¹, increase vigilance and psychomotor performance2-4 and enhance parameters related to brain activity5.

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      What benefits motivate consumers to buy products targeting cognition?

      • 31% of Japanese want to “clear their mind”
      • 33% of Australians want to “improve focus/attention/concentration”
      • 25% of Europeans want to “reduce the risk of disease like Alzheimer’s or dementia”


      American ginseng

      Cereboost® American ginseng for mind and cognition

      Cereboost® is an extract of American ginseng that delivers powerful adaptogens for calming the mind and enhancing cognitive performance.

      Five published papers have reinforced Cereboost®’s traditional use knowledge; for deficiency of qi and yin, dysphoria and tiredness, to help relieve restlessness and/or nervousness with clinical outcomes; in calmness, attention and memory improvements and better mood.

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        What kind of mood and relaxation support are consumers seeking from mood and relaxation products?

        • 38% or Europeans expect it to “put them in a better mood”
        • 35% of Japanese want to “reduce mental fatigue”
        • 20% of Australians want to “improve their motivation”


        Chamomile flower

        Evening chamomile

        Chamomile has been described in medical writings of ancient Mediterranean civilisations. The Egyptians dedicated the herb to the sun and worshiped it for its calming and healing properties. Greek physicians prescribed it for fevers and female disorders. Chamomile is also one of the “Nine Sacred Herbs” of the “Lacnunga”, an ancient Anglo-Saxon manuscript. Its most popular traditional use is through an infusion of dry flowers into hot water – about 1 million cups a day are consumed. 

        Scientists have investigated chamomile’s impact on anxiety in clinical studies¹, and attributed its properties to a benzodiazepine-like hypnotic activity²,³.

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          Consumers are looking for more from sleep products than just helping them nod off at night

          • 41% of Japanese are hoping to “wake up sharper”
          • 20% of Europeans want to “look better physically”
          • 14% of Australians want to “boost their immune defenses”


          Lemon leaves

          Cyracos® for a natural sleep experience

          Cyracos® is a proprietary lemon balm extract that delivers natural relaxation and sleep benefits. Lemon balm has been traditionally used in herbal medicine to help promote sleep during periods of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress.

          Traditional findings are supported by Cyracos® specific studies showing Cyracos®’ ability to eliminate symptoms of insomnia and anxiety after only two weeks of consumption.

            Embark on a co-creation journey to design your next mind and energy product
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            Embark on a co-creation journey to design your next mind and energy product

            Not sure where to begin? From exclusive market insights to labelling insights, Givaudan works with customers to create winning products using our six step co-creation process.

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