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Deliver intuitive and clinically proven health benefits with our innovative range of bioactive ingredients

For consumers around the world, health has taken centre stage. Givaudan’s bioactive botanical ingredients are a great choice for formulating products that contribute to overall health and wellness.

Our Health Essentials and Wellness Essentials include a fantastic selection of natural solutions that meet many of today’s most common health needs, including immune system support, healthy ageing and cognitive performance. Every consumer is different, so we offer many of our natural ingredients in multiple delivery formats for both intuitive and clinically proven benefits in everyday food and beverage products as well as nutraceuticals.

Our capabilities

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Health Essentials
Our Health Essentials bioactive and clinically proven botanical ingredients are supported by proven claims to deliver specific health benefits.
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Wellness Essentials
Our Wellness Essentials botanical ingredients and infusions are rooted in traditional uses that offer an authentic-tasting wellness experience.
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Mind and energy
From adaptogens that calm the mind to energising plants that boost vitality, consumers are seeking wellness experiences to help them perform throughout the day.


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