Givaudan’s corporate governance system is aligned with international standards and practices to ensure proper checks and balances, and to safeguard the effective functioning of the governing bodies of the Company.

Our Principles of Conduct underline our commitment to create an environment where trust and confidence in the ethics of our endeavours are assured, providing value to our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

We operate in over 180 countries so understanding and appreciating the diversity of our employees is very important to us. Our Diversity Position Statement outlines our commitment to ensure a representative workforce that reflects the diverse communities in which we operate. We also published a work-life balance position statement in March 2012.

Our sustainability approach is headed by our Executive Committee, supported by our corporate Sustainability Steering Team (SST), whose members are drawn from all areas of the Company.

The implementation of our sustainability strategy is coordinated by our Sustainability Programme Management Organisation (PMO) – internal specialists in corporate responsibility and sustainability.

To ensure alignment between these groups, both our SST team and the PMO are sponsored by a member of the Executive Committee.