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New Givaudan ByNature range of natural culinary meat flavours

Givaudan Flavours is launching its new ByNature programme for the European market with a series of natural culinary profiles for meat flavours.  The Givaudan ByNature culinary meat range will enable manufacturers to produce authentic chicken, beef and pork flavoured products using natural flavourings.  

Givaudan’s unique breakthrough technology delivers an improved, authentic taste, a ‘natural’ declaration in the finished product and an advanced culinary perspective that captures both the specific cut of meat involved and the flavour derived from each method or style of cooking.

Colin Scott, Marketing Director Savoury Products for Givaudan EAME, commented:  “The new meat range was developed in response to consumer demand for natural, authentic home-cooked flavours and the food industry’s continuing need for natural meat flavourings supplied in a convenient form for use in stocks, soups, sauces, snacks, ready meals and even meat-free meals.  

“Through Givaudan’s extensive research and development, involving advanced biotechnology skills and the exploitation of recent advances in fermentation science and enzymatic processes, our customers can now access a far more extensive portfolio of high quality cost-effective natural flavours.” 

The flavours are based on a range of  ‘gold standard’ recipes for cooking different types of meat – from poached breast of chicken, to grilled entrecote and oven-roasted pork to slow-cooked beef casserole. 

Matthew Walter, Givaudan Corporate Chef EAME, said: “Givaudan’s distinctive culinary perspective will offer customers a way to create exciting new meat flavours that reflect the complete repertoire of cooking methods available to the cook for bringing out the wonderful natural flavour of different cuts of meat and cooking styles.”

Givaudan ByNature aims to provide customers with access to new sources of ingredients and pioneering technology. The linked Givaudan ByNature advisory service helps to reduce the complexity faced by European manufacturers in bringing delicious naturally flavoured foods and beverages to market which ensure compliance with EU regulations for natural flavours' labelling.

Notes to editors
Givaudan Flavours is a trusted partner to the world’s leading food and beverage companies, combining its global expertise in sensory understanding and analysis and consumer-led innovation in support of unique product applications and new market opportunities. From concept to store shelves and quick serve restaurants, Givaudan works with food and beverage manufacturers to develop flavours and tastes for market leading products across five continents.

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