Tip 6: Lock your computer and smartphone when not in use

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The risks

Your computer and mobile devices store many personal and business information which you want to protect (private pictures, Whatsapp conversations etc.). If you do not lock these devices using a password or a PIN code, anyone can directly access all this content.

If you lose your device or if it is stolen, all this information will be directly accessible by the person who got hold on the device.

Useful tips

Always lock the screen when leaving the device.

Remember the keyboard shortcuts to quickly lock your computer:

 [WIN] + [L] for a Windows PC
 [Control] + [Shift] + [Power] for a Mac

We always recommend you to activate the screen lock of your smartphones, tablets and computers.

Scary statistics

At least one in three employees say they leave their computer logged on and unlocked when away from their desk.

One in five employees store system login information and passwords on their computer or write them down and leave them on their desk, in unlocked cabinets, or stuck to their computers.