Tip 3: Don’t trust mobile apps and browser extensions

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The risks

Apps can be infected with malware and steal important data from your devices (e.g. family photos, Internet activities, e-mails, your contact list or documents).

Or they spy on you using the microphone and camera or record your phone calls.

It can even intercept SMS messages your bank may be sending you to login and steal money from you.

Or it can make expensive phone calls on your cost.

Useful tips

When selecting an app on your favourite app store, read the comments of other users as they are often a good indication of potential problems.

Check the access rights the app or extension requires:

  • Restrict them to a minimum by using your common sense to see if the authorisations make sense for the application.
  • When access to camera and/or microphone is requested, do realise this data can be sent to the app provider.

Scary statistics

USD 600 billion is the estimated annual global cost of cybercrime.


99% of Android phones are vulnerable to downloading malicious apps.


The average person has a one in six chance of downloading a malicious app.


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