Sensory Crush

Sensory Crush: A mask collection imagined for GenZ perfecter transforming gel for cheekbones
  • What is Sensory Crush?
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Featuring natural colours and powerful actives, each mask will meet the beauty expectations of Gen Z consumers.

To mimic papaya appearance, two dyes have been mixed to create this exfoliating mask, LIT!: the beta-carotene of Dunaliella algae (Orange-WD-L) and carmine red (Red-WS-P). Powered by Biogomm’Age™ and Rutin, LIT! Will gently exfoliate to detoxify, rejuvenate and purify the skin. 

To obtain a creamy and smooth yellow, Dunaliella natural dye (Orange-WD-L) was used. Powered by Yogurtene® Balance, CHILLAX is a night mask with antioxidant properties to calm and moisturise the skin.

Echoing the dragon fruit, the colour of the mask colour was obtained through anthocyanins (Red-OD-P), a natural dye found in leaves, petals and fruits. Powered by Neurophroline® ON FLEAK! is a fancy mask to restore the energy and vitality of the skin.

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