Visual carriers

Macroscopic beads put the fun into functional

Macro-entrapment is a way of capturing active beauty benefits in fun-looking, yet functional tiny beads. These coloured, often loaded with active ingredients or essential oils beads (Unispheres™), found in shower gels, creams or serums, are crushed when a customer applies them in their beauty product or in hair care.

Flowers floating on water

Givaudan is a market driver in this technology, and we can now even produce beads in different shapes, such as stars, flowers, hearts and leaves, adding an attractive visual, 3D-dimension to cosmetic products. With over 25 years’ experience in this technology, Givaudan is one of the world leaders in this fun, functional domain.

Encapsulation: vectorisation of actives for targeted activity

Microscopic encapsulation takes the technology one step further, whereby the encapsulated active ingredient is not visible to the eye – it is smaller than a micron. These multilamellar liposome-like beads’ (Spherulites™) work by delivering active molecules at the right place for an enhanced cosmetic activity or decreased side effects such as the irritating effect of some molecules. Spherulites™ can deeply penetrate the skin or cling to the skin or hair, creating a long-lasting release effect, continually emitting beneficial moisturising or hydrating properties hour after hour.