Blue biotechnology

The ocean reveals its riches

Givaudan’s expertise in ‘blue’ technologies draws on molecules and active ingredients found in the ocean. The advantage of marine technology is that not only does it offer powerful beauty properties, it is a highly sustainable resource.

Throughout the ages, societies have looked to the oceans and the minerals contained in our seas to heal and soothe skin, benefitting from the rich source of anti-ageing or hydrating benefits found in the briny waters or the sea bed.

Modernising these age-old beauty rituals is a fascinating scientific advancement in the world of beauty.  In the area of cosmetics, marine technology still remains largely unchartered waters and holds endless opportunities for creating powerful products of the future. 

At Givaudan, we research these opportunities at our dedicated marine centre in Brittany, France where we research and develop technology to cultivate microalgae and identify new molecules that bring skin care benefits to all.