Tip 1: Be careful when using unapproved cloud applications

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The risks

If you use cloud applications that are not provided by Givaudan, you have no guarantee on how secure and reliable they are.

Very often you have no control over the location where your data is stored, which makes you dependant on laws and regulations which might be completely different to the ones of your home country.

Useful tips

Do use Givaudan applications and services for business use

Do not store business information on public cloud services (like Evernote, Trello, Dropbox, etc.) - there is no security guaranteed

We recommend to avoid storing sensitive personal information (ID card scans, private pictures or documents, etc.) on cloud services unless you are fully confident in the security of the provider.

Scary statistics

80% of 600 IT and business decision makers use non-approved cloud services in the workplace.


In 93% of breaches, attackers take minutes or less to compromise systems.


In 2018, Twitter reported that the passwords of their users accidentally have been logged as plain text in a log file. Any person with access to that log file could have abused the Twitter accounts.


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